Thursday, 25 October 2012

Bakri Eid


I remember the days my chachu(father's brother) use to bring those goats, about two or three goats from and my cousin would plunged upon them .Yes we are animal loving  human beings. We use to treat those goats like human beings, we had named them. Allah baksh,Khuda baksh and Raja… we would feed them well. We would sacrifice our sleep for them and take care of them. Taking them for a walk in nearby green areas was fun too. Those goats would love to eat chanas .Bakri eid were the days we would feed bread to almost all the goats in our colony. All the kids especially boys ,they would make their goats fight, and yes goats were eager  to fight too. Like human, goats have different types of nature too, some are angry, some are cool, some are reserved and some are joyful. We Muslims celebrate bakri eid in the world, to honor the willingness of Ibrahim(Prophet) to sacrifice his son before god; however god replaced his son with a sheep. Eid ul adha celebrations are just after haj, annual pilgrimations at Mecca. We refer as qurbani to sacrificing our goats and then starts distribution of the mutton, as per our religion some part or mutton is given to relatives, some part is given to poor, some part is given to friends while the smallest part is kept for home. Whole day is spent in distributing mutton to them .Mom prepares sweet for us in the morning of Eid.
                  Bakri eid leaves a special mark to us.


  1. Lovely account of your childhood experiences Farah.
    Thanks for sharing the story behind Bakri-eid with all of us.
    Keep posting :)



    1. @Jay yeah it is some of the memories which I cherish!!
      Thanks a lot for reading this