Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Cooking women

She gets up early
Makes breakfast
Strive to eat her own
She don’t like it cold but cannot have it hot
She cleans her house
as her duty
She cuts the onions with tears in her eyes
Chopped the vegetables
Wash the chicken
Clean the rice
Washed it thrice
Make the gravy
Time goes by
She does it all alone

She is hungry and tired
But clothes are yet to be washed
Her room is yet to be clean
She is in mood of shopping
Jumping and hopping
She thrives for time
To make it all mines
She is the married women
Working all time
She just wants your love
Wants to hear appreciation for her food
That she makes good
But you say salt is less
You don’t know to cook
She is still hungry
And hook

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