Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Join hands for education

No money for food
No water to drink 
How can I study ,tell me oh brink 
You have to study anyway my girl
You have a will ,god will show you the way
But moma father is so poor
I know my dear
Studying will make independent and strong
It will help us to fulfill the basic need
But education is so costly nowadays
Dont worry my child ,you keep your passion to study 

MESCO ,a A Trust Since 1968 it helps Education, Medical assistance, Women Empowerment & Poverty Relief touches over 10,000 families annually, through various projects & Institutions.It started by a few friends who constituted the first Executive Committee .
It will help you in education if you or your siblings/relatives are scoring well and want to study more but are financially disabled.All you have to do is contact  this NGO or reach their office which is located in Mahim(Mumbai).Fill the form and submit the required documents ,they will give a date when you can receive a cheque for that education.
Guys please pass on the message to needy who wants to get educated ,this NGO will help them for sure 
While who can donate for the cause can please join hands !

Modern Educational Social & Cultural Organization Regd. Office:110, Natalwala Building, V. S. Road, Mahim, Mumbai (W) - 400 016. Admin. Office: 4, Sayeed House Building, 63/65, V.S. Marg, Mahim, Mumbai (W) - 400 016. Tel.: 009122-24455365 / 24441442 / 2640 5008 Telefax: 24448637 / 2640 5012


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