Tuesday, 9 October 2012

KEM Hospital An Inhuman experience

KING EDWARD MEMORIAL HOSPITAL famously known as KEM Hospital in Mumbai .I am normal Aam Aadmi who have to fight for every basic thing, and the most basic thing is life .Yes, life is considered as most basic thing especially in KEM hospital.My relative(don’t want to disclosed) was admitted there ,since I was very close to him.i was in and out the hospital for continuous 4 days .And those four days I saw different world . You cant even think of living life like this.
I was so emotionally disturbed i thought either i will go mad or make somebody mad .
First of all ,In KEM Hospital,your emergency patient is loaded into stretcher, and mind you nobody will attend him,You try begging ,crying or even if you want catch their legs .No Help,You have to fill the so called form from the Ward ,where the doctor fills a form for you,Mind you here doctor One doctor will fill a form for about 100 patients  with no queue ,so if you get lucky or your patient have "life" you will get the form THE FORM at the cost of your life.Here there are different process which is mismanaged that is even if your emergency patient needs ICU,he will get ICU after 2 days only(they don’t mind them dieing)Rules are rules.Patients are examined on the stretcher so called unhygienic bed with no bed sheet and no pillow and flies around after 4-5 hours also the doctor will not keep a check for your patient ,you have to take care what medicines doctor gave ,at what time and also what medicines doctor did not gave or missed(and they miss it all the time).Then if your patient is in bad need for ventilator,go and beg amongst all the doctors you can find almost all of them in their 20’s that is they are practitioners who will love to have their dummy patient(whom they will inject or put some pipes in their mouth).

No I am not joking or lying this is all what I have seen,most worst part is I seen in one ward there are about more than 30 patients with all different diseases some are having TB(coughing all open),some heart attack,some high blood pressure,some aashtmna attack,some tragic accidents,some goitre,some vomiting there and there,Some blood is flowing,Some are beggars with swollen legs disease and yes they all in same Ward.Here I and my cousin are standing wishing for some miracle,but its been long 8 hours not even medicine but doctor came at last,wrote some medicine saw the CT SCAN and explaining the condition to us(non-medical students) or explaining life on rough paper.We wanted to transfer the hospital looking at all the possibilities but no ICU or BED was available for an emergency patient .One of the doctor said he needs a specialist I will call that doctor soon,4 hours later when doctor did not come .We again enquired but that doctor said he is on the way,Another doctor came he said specialist does not come like that there is a rule .you need this letter from Ward no this .One of my sister ran there and my cousin thought its better to go himself searching for the doctor so he went searching for the doctor himself in the BIG so called KEM Hospital.I am standing there looking at the number of death(about 10 deaths around me in about 2 hours) and experiments done by students (precisions) yes there are no assistants .Usually practitioners should be assistants to experienced doctors but here those practitioners they removed the pipe (lifeline pipe) I guess of the patient when the patient started breathing heavily this mad doctor is asking other patients how to put that again.Doctors and staff are miserably rude to you,they don’t care about life ,they treat human beings as machines where they are learning a new program each day.There was one moment when I saw 4 people dead all one by one ,I saw death near me .I started crying and shouting but nobody could hear my voice as everybody was fighting ,fighting for life.Went outside and thought why not approach the head of the hospital and I went to another building of the hospital, to the DEAN of the hospital. DEAN will listened to you as if now everything is in your hands but no is the answer.After you reach your ward everything will be same as before ,yes you only call and search your doctor ,make him realized that these are the medicines you gave and these are medicines you did not gave.Ask him id anything else needed ask him syringes,or pipes,D something(glucose),or suction pipes ,please be speedy enough otherwise he will be gone .

KEM hospital is government hospital where there fees are comparatively low ,nowadays hospitals are money business,first they charge for bed,for emergency,for medicine,for doctor and lastly for life .
My advice to all those who aiming to become doctors,dont aim to become doctor if you want to make only money aim to save life first ,money will come to you by the grace of allah.

I wish some day there will be a government hospital with good amenities,management and hope for life of poor and needy cases .

And thus many life's are in the hands of practice !!!

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