Sunday, 14 October 2012

My visit to mediclaim

Malaria is in town and mosquitoes in Mumbai had bite the fast pace of mumbaikars.a good chance to make more money for hospital business.
One of my relative is admitted to a private hospital, a hospital which enlist of lots of cashless facilities ,mediclaims companies .You will notice the list right in the front ,mediclaims are their first target .They will thrive hard to get a patient in if he/she is mediclaimed.So money is the first priority and life/health comes second (I don’t know even if its priority)for them .
Now here I enter a huge air conditioned private hospital ,I see lot of difference between a private and public one, in private hospitals they have a waiting area which is air conditioned and well managed with interiors too, that’s cool  and convenient too.
You will also notice less number of people comparatively ,and also most of them are rich gears ,I was surprised to see girls  and women’s in short skirts in waiting area, I hope the patients get well soon after looking at them at least ;)
I remember in public hospital there was no place to sit ,people used to sit on floors or wherever they get the place .

ICU ward have their timings ,you can visit the patient between 6-7 (time management).I was eager to see the patients facilities .
But it was disappointing ,you will see the ICU ward distortedly filled with patients anywhere or everywhere .only two member of the family would be allowed to see the patient and that too for the seconds, as the ward is already filled with patients .and mind you the ward was almost same as the government hospital except the air conditioner and the television .
Some of my friends these med claimed listed hospitals are mainly for money business, the doctor purposely shifts the ordinary (not required)patients to ICU or private ward for money. They ask them to stay for week in hospital(even if it’s not required).

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