Friday, 19 October 2012

Nine ways to feed the poor

Feed the poor not with your money but with some food 

let’s look at some of the ways which help us make a better place on earth may not be a rich dynamite, even if you belongs to a middle class, we all can afford
a extra 2 vadapavs which can be given to street kids or hungry kids

2.Leftover party food can be distributed to nearby poor people instead if throwing it.

3.We give parties,dawaats,lunch,dinner,langar,bhatyaaar,or distribute sweets in our buildings
do they really need that food? instead you can distribute that food to the people who actually need that food
4.Even one chocolate can make a poor child happy, even they like chocolate(try some day)

5.Party to poor people ,one day you can make tasty pulao and distribute it to poor people

6.Get birthday blessing, distribute sweets to poor people

7.instead of buying flowers to temple/dargaah/church buy some food for poor ,Allah will surely bless you

8.its always not necessary to give them stale food or leftovers ,even you make one plate extra it can fill one stomach

9.lastly ,you will surely will a sense of god and blessings of god when you help in filling some body’s stomach

Thanks for reading !! Also lemmme know if you have more ideas 

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