Wednesday, 28 November 2012

9 Most Common Fashion mistakes

Girls we all love to experiment with fashion, but at times fashion takes a wrong turn on you !

1. Polka dots with striped ones
Now wearing polka dots is not a bad fashion at all, but wearing it with the stripes underneath, a big no .They are two from same company say  you can’t have a Zebra lines for your pants and dots for your tops ,you will certainly look a black and white joker.

2. Very Large flowers Prints  
I know flowers sounded as colours to you and it’s in fashion to wear flower prints, But before buying double check the flower prints on the cloth material .medium size is fine and also depends if the design is good small size flower prints looks pretty too, but large size flowers will make you look like a flower pot or you are dressing as a flower for a fancy dress competition. “I am Flower Red and Yellow” .

3. Short Kurta with leggings
Flaunting your legs, it’s okay. But what about thighs ,oh man it looks ugliest when you wear a very  short kurta pairing it up leggings which is off course tight fitted .it looks like you have forgot to wear something or it’s like yuck look at her .Avoid!

 4. Golden embroidered dress with lots of accessories
Goldy goldy are you boldy,I have seen some people wearing beautiful dress with lots of golden      embroidery and ruining it with wearing lots of accessories. First of all if your dress is too glitzy avoid wearing necklaces, however you can wear nice pair of earrings and brass golden bangles ,avoid diamonds .Otherwise there will be no need to light in the area .

5. T-shirts with trousers
I know you will laugh on this ,but yeah people actually do wear T-shirts with trousers, they think they are looking cool, but I would rather call them fool .it looks oddest of all .I know you guys wont but some people do. I have also seen people wearing jersey and coming to office (I know their choice) but every time he looks like a football die-hard fan with number 89.

6. Pink T-shirt and green pants
Miss periwinkle you are not smelling good,Errr or Grrrr.Common they are nice colours ,in fact  Pink is my favourite colour but I would not pair it with green pants even though green pants are in fashion .

7. Sport shoes with salwars
You look those big sport shoes, sport it with tees or jeans or tracks. Why enhancing your shoes with     salwars,I thought only those aunties who jog with their doggies do that .

8. Short skirt and long top
What are you trying to do here? Wearing a short dress or covering your skirt, whatever it is so smirky? Avoid the opposites, opposites only attract when they are in love

 9. Too tight to comfort
Many people thing well fitted cloths are equal to tight fitted clothes, but the answer is wrong .Too tight clothes will bulge up your body if you are too plumpy ,it will show off your stomach, arms and thighs making you look more like a Big  Apple. While if you are too skinny, it will fit you making you look like bamboo stick all straight no curves. Other things how will you walk? And what if it is to be tore after you sit or you make ,it will be totally embarrassing one for you.

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