Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Red jihad -Book review

Book Review :- Red Jihad
Written By:- Akash Rana
Provided By:- Sami Ahmad Khan

‘Red Jihad’ the name sounds as terrorism its like A war or struggle against unbelievers with red colour indicating as blood.Go on read this book if you like to read planning and plotting
The base of the  plot story  is about a partnership between Pakistani Jihadists and Indian Naxalites for a terror strategy, and an consequent war between India and Pakistan.yeah you are on right track ,Indian naxalites ties up with Pakistani extremites to hijack indian experimental missile which is name as parlay and they will use it on India,so that they deflect the focus of the government from red corridor.the story has some thing of ekta kapoor in it as the plan A landed up in plan B which leds polictical conspiracies .

‘Red jihad’ is a powerful novel with the fascinating storyline,however if you are the person who loves happy ending and romantic novels then this is not the right novel for you .throughout the book I felt author is trying force humour into it which is awkward and tad forced too.

However ,this page will also keep you engaged as whats next with india combined with Pakistan and their strategies.

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