Tuesday, 20 November 2012

ShopperStop Look-2

Shopping means loving yourself more !that’s all pretty women’s thought .We are  extravagant about how we will look and what we wear.Our eyes flow from shops to shops to watch out the best clothes,earrings,clutches,sandals and what not .Shopping means not hiding your femininity and letting it flow.
I let it flow this festive season I stopped at Shopper stop!

Elegant combination of maroon and black  embroidered sari from Ashika  which will enhance my skin color too

Silver haute Curry high heeled sandals is one of the best combinations

Red diamond earrimgs from infinity would add up the look

And Silver Clutch from Haute-Curry

Lastly a beautiful smile will make one of the best look of the season 

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  1. Simple collection yet good enough!

  2. @Ranjith...yes i like it simple but stylish enough