Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Unsafe Genders

hope you know which gender I am talking about !We hear those rape news almost  every day in every part of the country .we all ladies were chatting at the canteen and I was shocked to hear incidents to ladies who are well educated and from cultured family. Can’t imagine how much local or illiterate people would have faced .ladies beware of yourself ,your surrounding and your daughters and sisters. I don’t say every other guy around you is evil eyed or corrupt maniac. But being cautious is the best thing you can do. Whether you are at work,home,local markets ,theatre ,hair salon, tailor etc.

One of my friend narrated an incident of her experience ,where a 13 year old boy (who saw his parents at night),and due to that when he came to his distant relatives where home was full of young girls ,he started misbehaving by touching parts of the body of those girls (who were much elder than him).they thought maybe he is playing around but no he wanted feel their body. He was mere 13 year old.so imagine how maniac adults would think of the same.

Other friend of mine said, once upon a time ,At 9:00 pm she was standing in her balcony ,where she saw a guy (almost above age 50),this guy was in another building balcony he was touching his own stomach and moving hands here and there. She ignored, he started making whistles pointing her, when she saw there ,this guy was standing naked and straight pointing to her .Now this friend of mine (very courageous as always)and never hesitated ,she went inside the kitchen and got a knife with her, she showed that knife to this guy and shouted “I lll cut you ….. into pieces ,bloody old man” .and this guy ran away inside

Another incident was, one of the friend was in 9th standard, she was good in all subjects except maths,so her mother thought to keep a tuition sir for her (this sir was none other than her mother’s friend husband).Now this guy always use to touch her hands or shoulders ,and one time he touched her chest ,and from then she started feeling uncomfortable and poor girl kept quiet .One day he went very close to her and she ran away from the room .however that was long back where girls use to hesitate to talk to their parents about it, even this friend of mine was clever but not courage about what happened to her .she asked her family that she has completed her portion and no need of tuition's and somehow  managed it.

I don’t know how common it is at home or with relatives,but with one of my school friend his cousin use to forcibly show her adult films .

I tell you there are many to pen down and we all girls know that very well

Some healthy tips for you (as shared by elders and ladies who thought every lady should be cautious about it )

  • ·         Do not let any  stranger/relative except your husband touch you .Touch can just a tap on shoulders or grip on your hands or sitting very closely to you(also for that never touch guys when you are joking so that they cannot touch you back).
  • ·         Be alert of your deep necks or loose necks .
  • ·         Never entertain bad humour (move from that group).
  • ·         Avoid travelling alone with  male colleagues .

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