Friday, 28 December 2012

Dreaming about being a restaurateur.

Me and my hubby ,we are Food lovers .We look for good taste everywhere so that we can plunge our bouncing stomach with tasty food .Looking at me ,you will never ever think that I am food lover with all those thin bones and no fats around(mahshalllah).

Food tasting is in my blood ,As my Nani is a Great cook and so is my moma.Nani made it to a point that whatever she cooks ,should taste very good and look very appealing. She took utmost care for the presentation of food and decoration of food which is served. From the color to the smell everything should be perfect. I remember the fruit custard she served was so beautifully decorated,I once in my mind wished eating a beautiful dish.Accuracy in sugar and salt,you will never say “give me some salt to add”.As you will find it perfect.Nani says,”her mother expired very soon “and she started cooking from an early age ,being the eldest she became responsible taste of the Home Kitchen. After getting married she shifted to Town. Whenever she tasted any restaurant food, she quickly says what’s the ingredients in that?(Applied to Indian dishes only),and she would copy the dish and make it at Home.Now this ancestor gift passed to my mother who is known in her family for cooking .Moma specializes in making  dishes like Paye ka salan,Khichda,Haleem,Mutton Kebas,Dal ghost,Pomfret Biryani,Sheer korma,Kaleji fry,Bheja fry,Chicken lollypop,Prawns tava fry and many more.
Now you can say it passed on to me .Yeah being a Working women,I am not able to romance with  kitchen so much.But yes,I cook things like Masale wale khichdi,Dahi kadi,Hakka noddles,Sausages omlet,Saucy sausages,Manchurian soup,Dal ghost,Chicken pulao,Mayo chicken sandwich,Mutton pulao,Jhinga masala(cannot match it with my moma’s prawns dish),Bheja masala(Again here mumma and nani both make it differently and mines would be the third type),Fruit custard,China grass,Fish Fry,Tangy Aloo etc

While coming back to me and my hubby.I am very hungry all the time,you see me at chats,local sandwiches,local dosas to barbeques,buffets ,Chinese restaurant,Italian restaurant,Malvani restaurents,Konkan Restauarents,Moghlai food court.My stomach blesses me everyday hehe nope I don’t visit restaurants  daily .My Hubby is a complete Scorpion who is a perfectionist ,whenever he visit any restaurant the first thing he says is “What is Chef special dish ?”.And offcourse he orders that.While on the other side I at times considers the bill amount too ;) after all I am a lady.Sometimes the chef special is tasty and savoring while at  other times its okay kind of .We try almost most of the different starters /main course whenever we go to same restaurant,so that we known what restaurent is specialeses  in which type of food.Its like a moghlai restuarent will not serve you nice Chinese dish and vice versa.
So being Food should be the name.Come on,”we do so much of hardwork ,for our stomach right “.
What matters is the Ambience,Hygeince,Customer friendliness,Presenation,color,smell,Rate too J and offcourse smile will add to your business.Tasting and eating is not the only a passion which ignites me but I do love cooking and it’s the beautiful art to be served on plate to the stomach, So I would love to do food business.Yes,I am learning about various other things about the business which will add to my list.There is lot of work around too .
Wish me Food luck 


  1. Hi Farah,

    What a delicious looking post, I could eat right off the monitor :) :) :)

    Happy New Year to you :)


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