Friday, 7 December 2012

Oh so Straight !!

Guys my hairs are very silky and smooth but drizzy. I always wanted it to be   straight which will add it to my hairs beauty And then the days came when people started straightening their hairs .All of the sudden  straight hair everywhere .Wowie the straight hair look became the trend . It changed the way you look. Yup you look so presentable chic .It makes you look like a actress(yeah aam admin can think like that),my god I will look so beautiful imagining myself in those straight locks in the mirror.Straight hairs makes your hairs shiny too.I loved that,but those days I was short of money ,less pocket money too.So I tried many crazy things at Home, yes poor me  .

Checkout the crazy stupid experiments I did to straighten my drizzy frizzy hairs.

1.My neighbour gave me this idea of doing somersault and combing my hairs all the time.And gravity would make my hair straight .I would stand on my head and say "Please gravity pull my hair to earth and make it all straight" I prayed.

2.I read in one of those magazines applying curd on your hair would make your hair straight .Curd did magic when Mom came to know that instead of eating curd ,I am feeding it to my hairs.

3.Beer ,One Can that’s too big .”No, Uncle I don’t want to drink”. It’s for my hairs.They will look awesome and straight.Freaky smile uncle returned it to me .

4.I am scarf lady now, covering my hair all along ,but no straight hairs.

5. Tie your hair with cloth and thread it and pull it and sleep,see the results in morning ,it will be all straight all your life .Really my head started aching all night.

6.One of the craziest idea me and my cousin tried was since we had heard this wacky thing,we had heard that one lady in our colony is blessed with long black straight hairs so plucking one of those hairs and putting it into bucket and bathe with that water will add the black magic on our hairs too . Gosh we were such an idiot.

7.Applied a paste of dal–white dal .leave it for a hour .Yes my hairs did become soft ,but not straight

8.I was mad for straight hairs ,after researching from many straight hair experienced girls .They said parlour straighten hairs did gave them good look but just for some time.later they experienced hair falls, frizzy hair, very dry hair,less hair and what not. I moved backwards from parlour for straightening my hairs chemically.Nope frizzy hairs are better than no hairs !

9.I got a hair ironed with a clothes iron, three of friends helped me ,one holding the iron other the towel and the third keeping a eye on the door so that Mom does not know what’s going on. It was a hand paining task as we all girls did this for all of us.And also we dint bathe for four days as hair bath would spoil our hair look (no, we did half bath:)

I started eating lots of leafy vegetables and fruits .Amla was one of my favourite .One day I also went to those ayurvedic shop where they have a poster of women with long straight hairs ,yuck the oil smelled so bad all day all night .Mesh kala.

So Sunsilk what magic wand you wanna try on hairs to make our hair go straight no please no amla to eat or are you adding beer to your shampoo .

this post is exclusively written for Sunsilk Straight Hair Experiment Contest


  1. Point # 6 was something different. Wish that really happened. Take Care!!

  2. #6 is a cute thing which even i have tried but not for hair. I used to get the books of my senior who was a topper so that i get all her luck n magic :) ;)

    My post for the contest:

    1. like fairy tales ..keeping books under ur pillow so dat our head eat up all the chapters

  3. #3 is a good excuse for those who drink! :-)