Friday, 21 December 2012

Romantic whispers

“I know how to live but teach me how to breathe “He said
“Look I don’t want those gems of the world as I see your eyes.
I want to fall asleep till I get you.”
“You are soul mate, Soul mates this idea use to be fun for me once.”
“I would laugh hearing about love at first sight till the day I saw you.”
“Yes, you are the one who is made just for me.”
“No, I am not perfect at all”
“But We would be perfect I am for sure “
I know we are different all the time, but one most common thing is “We are crazy for each other “.
“If air would be the food of life, you would be  my oxygen”
You guessed it right that day you said “Are you sure?”
I said “99.99%”
“What for that 00.01 % you left?”, “She asked”.
That’s for your smile
But I have many things ahead in my life
“Make me one of those things,
I will wait forever”
“You are dangerous “He said
As your eyes and words speak different words
“You really love me so much “she asked
“With all my Heart and Soul”
Really what is your heart telling you?
She said gently “You are trying really hard to hear it “
“Honestly I don’t have any idea how to live without you.
But all up to you my love “
“There is a time for everything”,”she said “
“Make it my time now “.
“You know you are an idiot, an adorable, feisty,funny and ultimately romantic”
“Does that mean my watch is working?”” He said “.
“She smiled opening her arms “.

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