Monday, 17 December 2012

Shave or Crave Women oppose evening stubble

He :Lets go out this evening.

She :I am in no mood .

He:But why?

She :I wanna sleep all day.

He:Yeah ,I said about evening.

She :you think I am mad.

He:Not actually!

She :Where are we going?

He:That means you wanna go.

She :Not with your stubble dude ,i hope you will shave that off .

He: What is wrong with that?

She :You look like my dad or you look like a famed Romeo or kinda drunken one.

He:Really ,that’s good "other girls will love me for that".

She:"love you for your stubble" hangover or what!!

He:Nope,sweety !!Young girls love old guys.

She :So you agree you will look old.

He: Mens do not grow old ,they keep on growing handsome and stubble add to it .

She :Should I laugh or my stomach will burst out?

He:Yes please,you peep your teeth out always on each sentence you want.

She :Shut up ,you are having a stubble trouble guy.

He: Nopppe I am happy with my stubble.

She :Happy or Lazy to chop them off.

He: whats the lazy thing about it ?

She : Anyways you keep your stubble look ,I will get ready for the evening .

He:   Start getting ready from now !!and  you will be still late

She :Yeah, I don’t have to wear only those tshirt and jeans ,no hair made up and no stubble remove J

He :You are making me urge not to remove these stubble all my life.

She :Whatever !!

After Some hours ,its evening time
She arrives with a black top ,all straightened hairs with gorgeous pink lipstick and a stilletos to pair with.

She:Pass my  hand bag please


She :What !!


She :Gone mad or what

He(eyes popping out):You are looking absolutely stunning

She :Tell me something new !! Uncle

He :So mean

She :I hope you are ready

He:Wait ,I will be back

After 30 mins,Guy arrives
She exclaimed :Wowie you are all shaved sweetheart.

Shave or Crave 

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