Friday, 7 December 2012

What a year 2012

I saw best days in 2012 I saw my worst days in 2012.I saw myself as the happiest person on earth in 2012.
I saw myself as saddest and helpless in 2012.
I saw angels and fairies dancing all along
I saw Satan laughing at me .
I saw People dying
I saw People crying
I saw people making money
I saw people spending money
I saw loneliness and dark
I saw bright sunny morning
I saw beauty of my mind
I saw dirt of my mind

Every year comes and go,it teaches you lessons and gifts you love and humanity.May be you remember that teaching or live life as you want.
But every new year teaches you something which you cannot forgot !!


  1. 2012 has been a a very dynamic year for me too! Everything has changed and nothing seems to be the way it was at the beginning! But the good thing is, that everything happened for the better! Hoping for an even more kickass 2013!

    My world, my thoughts, my musings....