Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Whats the Mundomaya of 2012 ?

 Some says world is going to end on 21st  December 2012 Friday,it will be the D-day of the era.There will be a beginning of new era .Don't know what's store in for us?.All in hands of God.We never feared we lied,We never hesitated to break hearts with words.We never tried to help the needy.We will remember everything that day when the world will end .As seen in the Movie 2012 “Everybody was running from death”But every where was death.In 21st Century ,we made all possible technologies .Touch and Feel it .But we cannot touch or feel death nor can control it.Mayas believed that there is no such thing as time .Time is just the changes in which sun revolved.I really don’t know who they are ,but according to their calendar Mundomaya it will be the end of this era and beginning on new era .You can call it 21st  Dec 2012 Phenomenon,it is regarded as end-date of a 5125-year-long cycle.World is making money out of this too you can see many websites such as http://www.december212012.com/ has been launched .You can discover the secrets of your future .

According to Islam, there is no place of such predictions in our life ,only Allah knows what will happen next second.People in another countries are dieing themselves just because of such predictions .So we don’t know or we cannot predict till when we will live .
Happy 2012 to all 

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