Tuesday, 31 December 2013

A Letter to my manager

To ,
Dear  Manager,

From the day I joined your project, you resembled like a perfect devil sitting on my head. Initially I ignored you totally. As the nonsense mind of yours took speed and you kept on taunting me all the time, every time you come on my desk ,I wanted to hit you hard .Why the hell you want status of work in every ten minutes ? Why are you so uneasy at your own place ?Why do you keep roaming at the desk of your all team members.I know its your work to make your team members life resembling like hell, and congratulations you are almost on the verge of it .But I tell you reading the chats of your team members is such a bad habit ,You Old grumpy man.And your taunts kill us more than the Saas bahu taunts in serials.Why do you think that every task you give can be finished in just 10 minutes ?Do you think we all do bhangda working all day when the task (according to you ) can be completed in 10 minutes. I hate your fake smile when I say there are so many task assigned to me(feels like punch you and break your teeth).We all team members give you good amount of bad words on your back. You desperately need a holiday on mountains (As there will be no network).Stop calling me after working hours you bullshit .I never use those words,but for you there are no better ones .Even if your are on leave ,you bother to login the communicator early in the morning just to check our timings ,you are such Dog watch or watch dog, whatever we call it .We are amazed of your love for this project that you mail us early at 4:00 am. What do you think while mailing? If any of us ,would see your email …we would jumpstart our work at 4:10 am. We all hope that you never get promoted?but if yes ,you should not be assigned this project. You are the most insensible manager I have met who is restless all the time. Truly speaking, you will get nothing even after successful delivery of this project. So why putting our blood life in this project .and making professional life hell …you Devil!!I know you are not gonna read this, you hardly surf !!If by mistake you read it, it’s good to know about your management, as you call it Feedback 

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Uski ek Ada

Raste mein saara waqt tujhe dekha
Socha ek baar nazr mil jaye toh kya hain

Jab nazr mili toh mein Jhijag gayaa
Who nazar jhukarkar laut gayi

Ek nazar mein bhi kya jado tha
Ki dil se uski nigaah  dil mein utar gayi

Na naam jaano na paata
Par Nazar ki baat nazar jaane

Ajeeb si kashish thi usme
Bimaar ki dawa ban gayi

Jo bade bade Vedh na kar paaye

Woh uski ek Aada kar gayi  

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

They conned us -True cheats

Our Family always use to discuss,how people nowadays cheat and how they are no more humans anymore .Money,scams,cheaters and what not.People play with hearts,emotions,sentiments just for money.I am narrating a true story of Cheaters ,what else I call them.

Our whole family was very happy,after all it is Allah's command for Muslims to perform haj once in life.My mother in law's only dream was to go to haj.She is truly religious person and nowadays very ill,as she is suffering from MCTD(Mixed connective tissue disorder).My mother in law and father in law decided to perform haj this year.My father in law is fond of newspapers(as all old mans do),he is ready to read everything assuming  all is good and true .Their, he saw this news "AL-Imaan Tours and Travels' ,they are offering Haj packages at quite reasonable rates,one person costing 2lakh. The package includes all facilities.

At Home ,we all were too engrossed in our office and business's work ,time went by.So my mother in law and father in law decided to visit this place for enquiry.As there were no confirmation calls .This was 6 months before the haj date(We have particular month called as Zil haj).This tour and travel agents ,their attire was  kind and religious to convince the old couples .They asked them to deposit the amount as early as possible .It can be done in installments too .These tour guys gave them mere receipt for this amount .And asked them to wait and convinced them that the process takes time .

Time went by.
Whenever my mother in law called them ,they gave firm assurance with dates and religious duas.
When the last month came ,we got worried as there were no notification of visas or tickets .
My in laws were called to their Tour and Travels office ,where again they assured that the process's is going on.They gave their promotional bags to them.Saying ,it will be done .My in laws never thought that the sweet disguise would con us at the end moment.At last,They said our visas were rejected but nothing was shown in papers.Our Family thought it was unbelievable as this things never happened with anybody we know.Its a religious place where old couples want to go.Why would the visa get rejected ?On what grounds? why aren't they informed prior ?No questions were answered.But,It was noticed that many of them ,whose visas got rejected were the ones who had paid the amount earlier .And the now the package price is tripled the amount they paid !

It has been observed that they(Tours and travels) have been allotted a particular quota (limited seats allotted to each operator) and they can take only those numbers of people on Haj pilgrimage, but they do over booking and at the time of departure they do not send all the persons on Haj pilgrimage and keep the cash with them. It has been observed that they are taking more cash from other persons and sending them on Haj pilgrimage in place of those persons who had already deposited the cash in advance, thus earning unethical benefit in the name of Haj.

We just want to make people aware of this situations,where your feelings does not matter!And we are not trying to say that all of them are cheaters,but people do cheat in the name of religion as they know we are emotionally attached to our religion.But no religion teaches us to cheat or con people.So Beware of such situations and play safe by inquiring things !!

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Go Vote India

 Not really sure why should I vote? or whom should I vote? Else, I really don’t care and will it matter if I vote? Will the petrol prices  go down to Rs 30/litre ,if I vote ?.How about the Onions  Rs 15/kg and the tomatoes 10/kg.Can I expect the proper maintained roads without the potholes ? .The Water supply in my area is the least ,we have to buy water which is very costly . Nowadays the Rickshaw ride is also not affordable and the trains are so full all the time.Will the common problems of a common man be solved? Would the girls be safe in the area of these politicians ?.I really don’t know what these leaders  blabber on the stage and I am very common person who just do not want to get exploited by them. I just want to live happy life .Everyday shocks can give me heart attack,which is so costly in private hospitals.Oh the doctors ,they are made for rich people nowadays ,they don’t even bother to at least respect their doctor oath. In this Country Rich is getting richer and Poor is getting poorer. Sometimes ,I think I should boycott going to those heavenly costliest PVR’s or those lovely magnet malls ,will they affect the richer people .I guess no, they have business in all areas. We “middle class “ people have to look for price tags everywhere .Price tags  in Hotels ,price tags in clothing shops, Price tags in Malls etc.We are habituated to spend our life this way. We are so large in number ,but we still don’t bother to vote ,as according to us ,Nothing changes even if we vote .We will face the same Traffic and Potholes every year .At times ,we would also face those corrupted builders ,all because of the system.I cant believe that One BHK would cost me more than Crore .Are they joking or making fun of me ?I don’t earn a crore in a decade .House rates in a metro city can go up to skies. My grandmother says,”those were the days when my father bought a big house for mere Rs 5000”.I guess those were the real days of voting.People were clean and honest those days.Nowadays, milk is mixed with water and Green peas is mixed with colors. Dishonesty getting into our bloods. As everything is becoming so very costly. Poor Fathers are selling their daughters ,as they do not have enough money to make a living .Can they think of voting ? Or would they vote anytime, I wonder.

Yesterday I saw news of postman who got clean chit,after he was accused of stealing Rs 45 or something ,he lost his job for that .While our politicians they are accused of Crores of scams ,but would they be punished anytime on earth, I know they would be certainly put into Hell ,but what about this world. Coal Scams, Water Scams, Builder Scams, Ashram Scams ,They would affect the common man in brutal way and same scams would earn crores to these politicians .What a Irony ?Oh common man ,you are earning but not for yourself .But your vote matters .While we are exploited in our country , now foreign countries are trying to exploit us too ,those burgers and pizzas ,I never understand why should we pay taxes to them ?Why don’t they include the tax part in the mrp?and what about that VAT part ?Should I still vote in General elections ?This question comes verytime when a common man who work from morning Nine to evening Nine ,have to burn their pockets .I hope Aam Aadmi Party would come in Mumbai too.I would surely vote them as AAP is working wonders in Delhi .I wish them luck .And I wish some day India will see a brand new India which can breathe Air.And that can be done only through voting. Our large population can give large number of votes to the right candidate.

Top Five Reason I Should Vote? Vote Humara Haq hain

  •         It’s my money (I mean your money ).The governers,state officials,legislators,president ,members of parliament will decide how much of your wealth will they invest in public services
  •          It’s your children education; yes they are the one who decides how costly would be the education. Decisions of the members would affect the public schools and colleges.
  •          It’s your job. The members you select would influence what job training is available, minimum wages, fairness in hiring, workplace safety etc
  •          It’s your Health .Actions by the members you vote would affect their decisions on Medicare, Medical facilities.
  •          It’s your neighbourhood.The Elected officials and judges we vote to retain make daily decisions about the crime prevention,laws,safe and affordable homes,traffic,Parks and recreations

Let’s get Funny ,
Top Funny Excuses we don’t vote :-
  •  I am 18 years old ,but I don’t look like one !
  •  My dog ate my voting card
  • I can’t afford to miss my Television serial
  • I went last time and they did not offer me free food
  •  Its raining too heavily
  •   My wife would kill me ,if I vote
  •   I feel guilty when the person whom I vote would lose
  • I would vote only if they have voting stands in Five star hotels
  •   A Film star can attract me to Voting booths
  • What can I get in return?a vadapav atleast
  •  One vote and one offer or a deal of salon or shopping voucher. I promise my family would vote.
  •  Does my vote make any difference?

Now let’s get serious ,In India ,the next government will be decided by the people by electing members of parliament to the Loksabha.
Following Parties will contest in Loksabha Elections :-
1.Indian National Congress:-It was founded 127 years ago,hence it is the largest social democratic political party in the world .It includes members like A.O.Hume,Subhash Chandra bose ,Jawaharlal Nehru,Mahatma  Gandhi .And Now Sonia Gandhi

2.Bharati Janata Party :-It was founded in 1980 by Atal bihari Vajpayee.It includesmembers like Advani,Murli manohar,Nitin gadkari.And now Narendra modi.

3.AAP-Common man party ,Founded in 2012.Their motto is against corruption.Their supporters include Anna Hazare,Kiran Bedi and Memebers like Arvind Kejriwal.

I know it’s too difficult to choose, while the old parties or the new ones ,we are the one who decides who will rule the rules of our Country or our States .So let’s go and vote .
As the matter of technology ,we are too lazy to go and stand in those big queues and vote .We would rather sit at home and watch our favorite movies or play games on our smart phones .Or else give us a mobile app and we will give you a click.

A Simple but effective mobile application download can be responsible for a citizen to vote and Create a new India and all by technology.
“Be the change you want to see “
1.If you are first time voter (I am sure there are many first timers ),Please download the application in simple steps and just fill the form & upload your photo.
2.Take print out of the form from your mail and submit to your ERO along with necessary proofs and signatures .
3.Enroll and Vote for change in the coming election.#VoteForIndia

Mobile voting is so easy to do thing for us,as we are on mobile all the time. We can access it anywhere and anytime, hence it will make election accessible for everyone and especially  the youth .I guess we can even find out the representative details through this apps,so at least we know to make the right decision. However this concept requires some kind of encryption or things like Finger print scan ,so that it is secure and unique .

So come on India,lets Vote !!

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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Irony of a stomach !!!

The other day ,me and my husband went to Chinese restaurant .The restaurant was too full ,we had to wait for an hour .And later got the tables near the door .We ordered Monchow soup,Five spice Chicken starters and Delicious special rice prawns noodles .Since it was chilly evening, I hurried sipping the hot soup and noticed the door keeper.He was young boy and was continuously staring at me .I ignored and then came the starters and I noticed he was staring at the food. The look on this guy now turned up into innocent and very hungry one .He was looking at the food with his stomach .I became so cautious all the time. What an Irony of a stomach, You are the one who opens the door of delicious food  for everybody ,but your stomach is still hungry !!.And I thought I can help this guy .But there are many who go hungry and are deprived for basic needs .

Saturday, 7 December 2013

So you are my Best Friend !!

Best friends are really special,they are the ones whom we can shoulder upon whenever we want,in whatever situation you are!! You will always find love and only love from them.They have divine powers to calm you down and they have those magic wands to make you happy all the time ,and no matter what .Best friends are made for forgiving all your mistakes.They are fun and they are crazy too!!Life is so much beautiful with those soft and smiling face which is also called as “BEST FRIEND”.I am sure ,we all have best friends.They could be your mother ,they could be your father,your sister,your brother or simply some one you met at school or college .

Me and my bestie had lots of fun together ,I will try to pen down some of my favourite moments with my best friends :-
1.During my school days,I and my best friend use to run to her home during recess just to have those lovely parathas at her home .And not surprisingly we both were punished by our teacher ,as we were too late to school.It was all the time ,me to have those parathas ,and the punishment was totally worth it .I still love those  yummy parathas!

2.We had those school rituals on birthday,you can take your best friend for distributing chocolates to other teachers.I still remember it was most precious moment,as If we were awarded lifetime achievement award ,(Oh she chooses me as a partner).

3.Pulling your best buddies to do all the fun was the best part,My buddy was very sweet and sober ,while I was mischievous one ,so she was my partner in crime ,fun was never fun without her .

4.I still remember that day,when mom was not at home.I called her ,we tried all the makeup ,accessories of mom. We tried that dark maroon lipstick ,pink foundation ,Heavy earrings and High heeled sandal,as we were eager to  look like Aunties .However we both looked like jokers .We also tried mom's saree and Blouse ,and tried walking and sitting with those sarees .We were so eager to grow up and become like Woman's ,and now we want to go back those funny days .

5.Now ,cocoon finally turned into butterflies, We planned a Girls night out ,we watched porn movie and drank some breezer too.I was teen girls nigh out and we were  punished by our parents ,as they came to know about this stuff (as my friend did not know how to CTRL + ALT +DEL things from computer).

I always wanted to say her....

-that you have the greatest smile I have ever seen,yes you smile better than those circus queens.It makes me wonder how blessed you are .

-that you have got awesome shopping taste ,you buy those clothes ,nobody have ever thought to even try that .(Remember that ballon top,Washed jeans,Long Negro dress).Lovely fashion sense as always .

-I still don’t understand why do you use that Yoga baba Oil ,it smells the worst .

-I am sorry for the same crush moment,when we both had a crush on same guy.(Thank god ,he did not liked both of us )but he was too cute know ,like chocolate.
-Thank you for becoming my Birthday calendar ,and reminding me all the birthdays right before anybody’s birthday,But I still remember your birthday darling and would never forget it.
-I am sorry for making you wait everytime we decide to meet,and making those ugly excuses (I know you know me better than me )
-I thank-you to hear my all bull shit when I lost my purse and I was crying on phone narrating you same thing for an hour.

-You always ask me the toughest question to know better about myself ,however later it becomes dumb too.
-And I learn something new from you ,every time we hang out .
-I am grateful to you for not judging me when I made those awful decisions .
-You are one legitimately the smartest person I have met .
-Its awesome feeling to cry like a baby with you.
-Thankyou for sharing cool things in me and having so much faith in me,all the time
-I thank-you for lying to parents about my trip to Ali baug beach ,It was fun by the fun.
-You have helped me face my fears no matter how irrational it is
-You supported my dreams no matter how ridiculous it was
-I thank you for calling me back ,if give you miss call anytime ,you had save my lots of money ,Honey.When anything goes wrong in my life ,you are the first person I think to call or miscall.because you always knew what I need to hear to feel better .
-I am obliged to see your happiness whenever I succeeded in my life .
-I love you and keeping loving each and every moment of my life ,and your wish is always my command .
-I loved your tears when I was the one selected in Campus interview .
-Are you an alien or what ?Why do you keep on counting silly me and keep paying those Frankie bills for me .You could have asked that money from me.But you didn’t ?
-It was brave moment to see you hanging in the Trains and pushing me inside ,Thank god you did not slipped your hand .Other wise ,Hell would have been facing you alien.
-Some times I think ,are you guy or what ?You play those guy games very well!! You are so good at computers .
-I know I am your best friend ,but does not mean I am always right .and that also does not mean that I am always the beautiful one (why do you keep on exaggerating that you look best in that photograph).
-Why are you so healing all the time ?I love your forgiving nature and you are becoming magnet of my life .All my best memories involve you
-All I am trying to say you are great !!Now lets pretend I never posted all this and go back to your best friend J

Thanks to all my Best buddies –Sumaiya,Shafaq,Ummuul Khair,Zeba,Tarannum,Snehal and Ashish !!

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Friday, 29 November 2013

Ambipur Homerange -Product review

Ambi pur Air effects is air freshner which is available in two flavours-


1.Blossom and Breeze

2.Thai Orange


I have used the Blossom and Breeze one,it fragrances my bedroom.I usually uses the air freshner before leaving for office and I get the pleasant fragrance everytime I enter the bedroom ,back in the evening .It’s easy to use spray and elegant to keep.Can there be anything smells like a bouqet of flower scents carried in by the gust of wind ? .You will feel the fragrance throughout your room.

The Other flavor thai Orange , I haven’t used it yet !!
Price :- Rs 220 /-

Ambi pur Set and Fresh is Renewal refill,so it ultimately saves your money and give your home a fragrance upto 60 days .It comes in many flavours such as

·         Haiwan flowers starter

·         New Springs starter

·         Thai Dragon fruit starter

·         Sweet Citrus and Zest

Quantity 5.5 ml
Price :- Rs 180/-

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Smell everywhere

Nose,the most beautiful part of human face ,also plays a crucial role in his life too.I know it helps in breathing .But it also helps in activating our sense.Yup,the smelling sense .We use our nose right from morning to evening .Lets check out the smelling schedule :-


-I got up at morning and went straight to bathroom,the first thing we do is brushing teeth .The toothpaste smelled so minty and flavoured too.Do they add sugar in it ,I wondered .It was time for bath after burshing my teeth.The Shampoo smells so good ,its like aromatic oils are soothing my nose senses too and I played with it while shampooing.The Soap I use having the jojoba oils smell and I thought it should stay on body all the while .


-First thing I need at morning is Tea. Ginger smells throughout the house running from kitchen to the hall.Removing those cornflakes for breakfast,I smelled strawberry coating of the flakes.


-Time for cooking my office lunch , I smelled so much from cauliflower to coriander , I smelled the tingy smell of Ginger garlic paste.


-I did shopping last week,so time for new clothes.Have you ever realized the new clothes smells so good?Infact,I love the smell of new shoes too,my husband use to laugh on me and when I smelled his new shoes.But I loved it .


-My husband is perfume addict,so am I ,now .Rain drops on me and my clothes ,it would make my day everytime ,I smell it .


-It was time for leaving for office,neighborhood smells like Alu ka paratha with that desi ghee,I know its smells yummy.But Singh Aunty’s place always smells yummy.From the smell itself,you can guess the dish.


-Ooops , I stamped something bad on the road,and I must say it smells very bad .Time for changing my shoes ,and I would be late to office .

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Monday, 25 November 2013

My Filmy side-Romantic Dialogue shayari

Hume samaj mein nahi aaya ki woh ek ladki thi yaa pari,such kaha tha kisine fullo se nazook thi woh.Us din ki subah jab gulaabi libaas mein woh aayi ,bhikare se baal usko is kadar sata rahe the ,mano woh aaj eid mane rahe the.Upar se subah ka suraj bhi aaj jyaada hi muskura raha tha,usse bhi aaj zameen par chand nazar aa raha tha.Uske pairo ke paazeb is kadar baj rahi thi,mano naachne ko woh aaj bechain thi.Aaj hume laga ki hoor kise kehte hain uski ankhon main samundar nazar aa raha tha.Usne toh ek baar bhi nahi dekha hume ,aur hume usse pyaar hua jaa raha tha.Aae khuda teri aaj tariff karne ko man kar raha tha,tune dharti par yeh kya utara tha.Muskurahat jaise koi abhi paida hua bacha hain.Aur gusse mein bhi badapan dikha raha tha .Haathon mein gulab tha ,aur woh khush tha ki woh khud ek gulab ke haathon mein.Aaj subah aisi jiski koi subah nahi.Nikhar gaye hum usse dekhar is kadar jaisse humne Ittar laga rakha tha .Ankhein humari hat nahi rahi thi ,yeh kaisa aalam bana rakha tha.Bhul gaye hum sab gum ko,ab khudko bhulna tha baaki .Samaj mein nahi aaya Pariyo ko kyu zameen par bula rakha tha .Tum ghabrayi bhi is kadar hume dekhkar ,jaise koi badmash dekh liya ho tumne,aur kya kare humari nazar bhi tumse hatne ka naam hi nahi le rahi thi.Hum nazar mila kar tadap gaye aur tum nazar jhuka kar chale gaye.Ae Ishq tumne hume pagal bana rakha tha !!


My filmy side -Shayari

Is qadar nikhar jaati hoon main tujhe dekhkar
Maano aakal mein bearish aa gayi ho

Tu bus ek baar muskura de mujhe dekhkar
Hum toh puri zindagi yuhi ji lage

Dil karta hain naach utho main
Aur saari duniya dil mein bassa lo

Teri ek nazar ke hum deewane
Varna hum bhi insaan huye karte the kabhi

Breezing the Blackberry Breezer

The Door bell rang
We all went bang
Jumping and Hoping
We all are dancing

We were meeting
Happy and greeting

Let’s have a drink
So that we won’t wink

Our favorite flavor
Not the Orange
Not the Cherry
It is only the Black berry

Spring it taste
Comes with awesome color
Keep it in Freezer
That is Blackberry Bacardi Breezer!

Drink it !!
Sip it !!
And now you smile !!
Yes ,Girl you can walk a mile

Less of alcohol
More of flavor
That is our Blackberry Bacardi Breezer!

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Sunday, 24 November 2013

What is everyday without a Tablet?

Tablets can help me save my camera money !
I can click at each moment I want to honey
I can keep it in my purse
And move out without a curse

Playing games everywhere
Here and there

I can study with them
Can make my notes anywhere ?

Have my next appointment details
Schedule my day on my fingernails

Take down my next meeting
With this is so easy thing

Watch and Stream news whenever I want
Oh the world going on haunt

Share my photos upright
Facebook is looking so bright

I can use for navigator
Whenever I want to travel new places

Can speak and video speak with anybody I want ?
World is so near now ,I never thought

I can get my bank statements
There and then

I can virtually sign papers online
Now everything is going so smooth and fine

I can convert my voice into text
Sometimes there is no need to type

I can scan my documents and mail it there
Scan looks so good and rare

Reading a novel is now so easy
Standing in bus queue ,makes me crazy

Now I don’t need to carry those folders
Everything is compact in my tablet holder

When I am bored ,I will look for hotspots
Movies and entertainment spots

Sending and Receiving those HR documents
Life is easy to fill them and send !

Now my desk space is saved
Don’t need a table or a desk

Without the tablet ,how could be things so easier
I can’t imagine a day or hour !

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Friday, 22 November 2013

Travelling to Bangkok

It’s been a long time ,we need a sumptuous break !Break from work ,break from household chores and ofcourse rejuvenation to our senses.Me and my husband ,we both are so much engrossed into our work life ,that we have no time to play around .So we planned to take –a-Chill-pill.After much thoughts and discussion ,we finally decided to head towards Bangkok!!So that we can chill,relax and enjoy our time together and go mad in life as we want.I have mostly seen Bangkok through movies ,where I can see Bangkok full of lights and  full of shopperstop.If you need a spa,Bangkok tops it all.The name itself says “Bang  on“.What say let’s go to Bangkok ?

Must try in Bangkok
1.Food in Bangkok (Although I wont try the weird ones)
2.Street Shopping (I am dying hard to do this )
3.Partying in Bangkok
4.Visitng a Royal touch
5.Enchanting a Spa(They specialize in it ,Don’t they)

Lets start with food ,I know we cannot try everything which looks as family,in the menu ,I hope you are a non vegetarian and wont regret anything else going into your stomach.Food lovers can experiment anything .
1.Pad Thai- thai style vermicelli wrapped with fried egg and shrimps. They used charcoal fire to fry this thai food
2.Papaya salad - Isaan dish is som tam a spicy salad prepared from unripe papayas. While Thais prepare this with dried shrimp, in Isaan the preferred style is with preserved crab (puu) or mudfish, an acquired taste.
3.Wanton Noodles-Don’t expect the Indian style Chinese noodles,but do try wanton noodles from the local shops,and you know what you have to add on the table is chilli powder,sauce,Vinegar and fish sauce .
4.Steam Buns –Have you heard of ?they have varities of bun which also includes different types fillings in it
5.Salt Grilled Fish –You will actually see lots of salts on the fish !!
I am stomach full,lets go shopping now ,
1.Chatuchak market –sounds like Crawford market in Mumbai.Its the market popular among wholesalers and traders .Veteran shoppers would agree that almost everything is on Sale here .I am sure ,nobody would miss visiting this one .You can shop various colorful Tshirts,tops,tunics,skirts,jeans,pants,palazos,parallels etc.
2.After Dark Shopping-In most countries,after dark its sleeping time ,But After Dark shopping wins it all.Yes,you heard it right we can shop after dark too
There are many such markets such as Flowers market,Tor Tor Food market ,China town market ,Vintage market etc ,many to pen down and I can’t wait to visit .
Lets go royal,Grand palace-undoubtedly the city's most famous landmark. Built in 1782 - and for 150 years the home of the Thai King, the Royal court and the administrative seat of government.The interiors and the architecture it is so  royal and so unique,you would love to see this landmark where the Thai King ruled for many years .Grand palace,is a must visit for soothing your eyes for royal touch .
Wat Pho-this is a giant temple with lots of giants monks in it . The Giant reclining Buddha that measures 46 meters long and is covered in gold leaf .Since Buddha is so ultra famous here ,You find this place far more relaxing .You can also get Traditional Thai massage here .You know Wat Pho is also famous for leading school of massages in Thailand.So you are in good hands ,as they experts to relax your senses. At pho is really famous for popular leisure activity and its near to Grand palace
Royal Barges Museum -At this museum you can discover eight of the country's most unique and stunning vessels: the Royal Barge.I am sure you love to see the antiques.These boats are especially reserved for specials occasions like processions and auspicious ceremonies . Each Vessel is carved from large pieces of teak, their prows engraved with mythical  great creatures, embroidered in gold and intricately decorated with tiny shimmering pieces of glass. Rowed by up to 50 specially trained oarsmen, the boats leave their dry dock at festival times .This is what I came to know about it ,But I would love to see the

You can see Suan pakkad palce,Wangderm palace .
The Ecstasy of the place will make you go rounds ,the hustle bustle of the markets and Serene breeze of the Krabi would take you to another world. You can run around in Bikini with your mate and chat with him/her for hours and hours. You would not be disturbed until you wished to. The Beaches are so clean and green ,the nature will fill your lungs with wonders, wonders of god .You can enjoy the evening with soft music and dance with your mate .No large crowd in the Krabi ,so you can feel the rejuvenation for your senses. you can dip in the pool and play in the blue waters .
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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Human Going back to Apes

Humans and their rights ,first of all are we still humans ? Do we care ?Are we better than animals ?Are we using our free will ?
World is becoming crazy and animals ,we will be soon back to Apes.There are so many things to pen down ,I really don’t know from where to start .The only thing I can say is the earth is imbalanced with two type of humans ,one is giver and other is taker.I see humans who are so hungry that they live on mere rice and water full day,other side I see human who is so full that he have to walk all day .I see human who is so content that he sleeps all day and other who works so much that he have no time to sleep.I see human who work day and night to earn a penny,While I see human who have so much of wealth that his account can serve him up to his three generations.I see humans who never bother to check the price tag when buying anything .I see human who is cursed to be a girl and forced to be married .I also see a girl who want to get married but she is too ugly to get married .I see a healthy human begging on roads ,I also see handicapped human working hard and happy.I see human getting distributed,priced and selled ,there are many girls in many parts of the world who are forced upon and used like mere toys.Rich people buy them and poor parents sell them.Are they not humans ?Human murder human brutally and harshly like animals do and they are set free.In today's world ,humanity does not matter what matters is money .Yes,this paper called as money has more power than human emotions .This money can buy anything.Money can kill hundreds of innocents,there are so many bomb blast going on around the world .Human genocide killing mass number of people on the basis of cast,creed and religion.Human drink and drive and kill the innocent ones,do you know in most of the drink and drive cases the victim suffers the most while the driver of the car would suffer minor scratches as those cars have safety features.Humans get drunk and rape or gang rape innocent and helpless woman's,are they not born out of woman's? Don’t they think of their mothers,sisters and wives.Rich humans keep their maids who are under 18 ,are these maids not humans? Why are they kept as working robots ?.Human is born out of woman and now they do not want a girl child .Girl child births are not celebrated .Doctors who are considered as second gods ,now they can live people dying if they do not have money for operation.We humans celebrate and party hard and distribute food to the humans who already have food,instead cant we distribute food to the hungry and needy.Justice is now in hands of powerful humans ,you can win the case if you have power ,we do not mind even if you are on the wrong side .Husband can kill his wife .Father can rape his daughter.Children's can murder their parents .Robbers can cut humans into pieces just for their cash loot.Its high time to realise that we are humans and we have the power to kill the evil.We have the power to meditate and ask to Allah,the forgiver .He will show us the right path .I hope one day we humans will again turn into humans !!

This blog post is exclusively written for Amnesty International Blogging Competition 2013!
Help people ,Be Human

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Visit to Kashmir Theme restaurent-Poush

My husband gave me surprise and i loved it .This place has mesmerising interiors and good food too.Let the pictures do the talking

Naav table (Boat dining)

Kashmiri purdaahs

Take your seat

Saunf for you

The entrance

dont forget to comment about the pictures :)
Keep visiting!!!

How to Handle Human ?

I know I am talking about the most difficult task in the world .but sadly we are surrounded by people all around. Socializing is the most important task in the world. We are not humans if we are not socializing .There are different kind of human beings in this world. I would rather call them human beings as they are somewhat different than animals, who do not have their free will. We ,human beings (including myself too) are of many types ,no not talking about genders, race or class. Talking about nature ,some are smart, some are crazy, some are adamant, some are sweet, some are rude, some are mad, some are dominating, some are oversmart,some are dumb, some are natural, some are short tempered, some are chilled out, some are money minded, some are loving, some are wild, some are maniac, some are helpful, some are generous, some are Human. So many adjectives for human beings ,the only living being whom god granted their own will.

We see this humans everywhere ,and at times its hard to control them ?let’s check out some humorous ways to control the genre of great living beings called as humans 

1.Oversmart-They think world is in their hands and nobody can compete them. They can manage Wikipedia of their own and always ready to show off their fake knowledge, which is sometimes correct but sometimes added masala of their own. please mind them and do not try to argue with them. You will end up having fun!!

2.Clever backbiters -I can mean them as some girls ,they will be very sweet like sugar on pie ,on your face. You would never ever think what they are actually thinking of you. And if you cannot judge, they can make good use of you .You can probably know the truth of back biters as they keep on backbiting of every other person on earth ,except you. They are the ekta inspirational vamps.

3.Natural-You can’t love them ,you can’t hate them. They are nor smart neither dumb. But they are mirror of your image and mirror of their own life’s vulnerability. If you are good to them they will be good to  you and  the vice versa.

4.Dominating-the Selfish ones in quotes, does not mind to hurt you and mind your feelings. They just want you to listen them and their rules .They can be called as deaf and could be very irritating. I hope it’s not your boss type.

5.Helpful-Angels do exist. They would help however they can.Interms of anything, it can be money, moral support, education or prayers. They are the one who jeopardize your pain .I love this kind, but sadly very few of them exist .

There are many types of human, I can’t describe all of them, but all I can say “Be good, Do good and good will happen to you”. Jealousy would take you to the mountain and nor it can harm anyway to the other person. Be yourself an do not imitate people ,as nobody can replace the original. Back biting would never hamper the image of other person, it would directly or indirectly harm you and your peace. His new job should not matter you nor his new car .Human can never be content .If you want to compare yourself ,compare it with the lower ones. You are lucky you have food to eat, water to drink, clothes to wear and a good shelter to live. There are many in this world who are deprived of basic needs. God gave us free will to think good of ourselves and look how we are using it on others .

Think good, Be good

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Immunity immunity come to me

Immunity immunity come to me,
We will play abc
A for Apple
B for Banana
C for Carrot
All for free

Fight against malaria
Fight against Flu
Intake the WBC
Made just for you

Look at the amla
It has Vitamin-C
It improves your eye sight 
Lives you all bright

Look at the ashwagandha
It will control your stress
And would leave you bless

Pippali is smiling 
Oh!! Why are you coughing
Kesar will do the magic wrine
Now look at your skin shine

Guduchi will make you strong
Go child run and do billabong
Karkatsringi fight for cold
So that kid you are always bold 

Satavari would increase your stamina
So that you play all along
And always be a winner

Bala would give you strength 
So that you fight like a batman

Immunity immunity come to me,
Dabur Chayawanprash has immunity
One two three

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Kids...its time to get Immune!!!

Living in the century where we get artificial eggs,coloured vegetables,Chemically injected fruits, unhygienic conditions,water crisis, water pollution, air pollution,Germs,insects,Mosquitoes and many more such living conditions. How do we immune our children’s against it ?How do we protect our future ,our kids ?How do we ensure a healthy environment? What can we do to ensure to protect our child from array of diseases and germs he or she is exposed daily?

Immunity is the state of defence system to fight against diseases to avoid infection or unwanted biological conditions .We should a keep check of many things so that our child lead a healthy and immune state of health.

1.Breast Feed your baby- Old nannies use to say that mother milk has the most power, there she meant “immunity”. Mother’s milk contains turbo charged immunity antibodies and white blood cells .It acts as a nursing guards against ear infections,allergies,diarrhoea,pneumonia,meningitis,urinary tract infections. We all know new Born's are so prone to these diseases and mother’s milk help them to be immune and fight against it .It may also help for baby’s brain development. The yellow “pre-milk “that flows from the breasts during first few days after birth, is especially rich in fighting antibodies. There are many great advantages of mother’s milk. I am really happy my mom feed ed me for about 6 months. Momma I love you .

2.Serve more Fruits and vegetables-Carrots, green beans, strawberries and my favourite oranges ,they all contain immune boosting nutrients. It increases body production of white blood cells which fights against infection. Nowadays ,kids run away from fruits and vegetables, try innovating these things by combining it with fruit salad decorating it with ice cream.Make vegetable salad in colourful bowl. Add Apples to their tiffins.Try Fruit custard at home for desert.

3.Boost Sleep time-Sleep deprivation can led to illness by reducing natural killer cells. Google says a newborn need about 18hours of sleep per day, while toddlers require 13-14hours of nap and pre-schoolers about 10 hours day. For school going children, they should go to bed early. I know there many things before sleep, it could be television, video game, pad and many such distractions which can steal their naps and also affect their eyes and brains.

4.Cleanliness-Cleanliness is next to godliness ,its true. Cleaner the surrounding is equal to healthier you. Fighting germs does not technically boost immunity but its great way to fight against germs .
-Make sure your child wash their hands often and with soap
-You should make sure of hygiene before and after meals (as children’s play outside ,they cuddle pets )
-wearing clean clothes
-Eating washed Fruits
-Avoid roadside chats
-Brushing teeth twice a day

5.Check you child Junk habits –Today burger, French fries, pizza are not amongst the uncommoner.Our kids know them very well and strive on these junk food.Occasionally eating these junk food is okay. But do keep a check your child is not popping those fries every alternate days. It will lead to obesity with no immunity at all. Carbonated sodas have nothing except carbon frizz which is unhealthy if consumed daily .

6.Give them lots of protein-to keep your kids healthy ,gift them proteins. Include proteins in their all meals (chicken,fish,meat,beans and legumes)

This post is exclusively written for Indiblogger presents "Dabur Chyawanprash" Immune India

Monday, 21 October 2013

And thus we pray!!

Since childhood days,we were taught about God.Prayers,Religion,faith,your will and the holy book of god.
Prayer is a communication or connection with god.God who made us ,god who had all the plans already.
Praying to god is as important to us as eating food.Your inner conscience or your will is about your good thoughts and actions.Your every action will lead to your destiny.We pray to god so that he travel with us everywhere and guide us the right path.So that we do not hurt any innocent beings.So that we are not in a bad company.So that we are not into robbery and cheats.So that we do not murder any leads.So that we do not treat elders with disrespect.So that we help the poor and needy.So that we never become so greedy.So that we do not live in the lust world.So that we respect women's.So that we do not kill girls.So that we even help animals.So that we help people for education.So that we can give charity.So that we help people smile.So that we can help earth become a better place to live in.

We pray to allah asking for right path
We pray to allah asking for enlightenment
We pray to allah asking for inner peace
We pray to allah for giving us shelter 
We pray to allah for giving us good food
We pray to allah to give us job
We pray to allah for giving us new car 
We pray to allah for achieving success 
We pray to allah for health 
We pray to allah for expecting him to decide what is best for us when we are in dilemma
We pray to allah to give strength ,peace and pure intellect

And thus we pray forever !!!

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