Monday, 28 January 2013

Valentine special

I wanted to build a transparent roof so that I can see the stars from my house ,
   I never needed a transparent roof to see the moon in my house

Friday, 18 January 2013

Are you Being Human ?

No,I am not salman khan's Fan nor i hate him .As i dont know him personally neither i can judge him
i had heard many good thigns about his guy .
But then i thought there are amny people who help others and their name does not come
into picture .But i saw a different story here .
I was surprised to see Being human store  in  R-Mall.I entered the store,it  was different
but quite  expensive interior with lots of stuff like Tshirts ,Shirts ans Watches to sell.
and here you are buying your stuff as well as donating it to the needy
I was touched to see the employees there ,they were handicapped .Some of them were 
deaf or dumb,but they were well trained to sell and even help customers choosing their items.
So indirectly ,it is also the being human side where this store helping handicapped people 
to earn on their own.Wow humanity still exist !!

Salman khan and Being human team ,a Big Salute to you guys !!!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Oh that scam with Aisha

That day Aisha called me up saying ,"i am the luckiest one frags "
"I am so damn happy".
"I cant tell you what happened ,but its amazing !"
Common go on
you know what
I got a mail from Coca Cola company , I won lottery 
and they are transferring it to my bank account 
WHAT !!!
they have mad or what ,Distributing money to people .
"How much is the amount ?"
No way ,let me know the details 
And do you have to pay something to them to get your big Fish?
Yup,just a Penny a little prawns .
I asked raising my eyebrows ,"What is the penny costing you ?"
15000 Indian rupees.(all of sudden aisha's monthly income became penny for her)
What information did they asked you?
I hope you haven't replied them ?
I did ,they asked me just basic details only .
Basic .
What are those basic details they asked you ?
1.) FULL NAME:-----------------------------
2.) AGE:-----------------------------------
3.) SEX:-----------------------------------
4.) ADDRESS:-------------------------------
5.) ZIP/POSTAL CODE:-----------------------
6.) STATE/PROVINCE:------------------------
7.) COUNTRY:-------------------------------
8.) PHONE:---------------------------------
9.) OCCUPATION/POSITION:-------------------
10.) BANK DETAILS:-------------------------

and you gave them alll ?
you know I even got a confirmation call from a foreinger 
I was so anxious to answer them 
they ll meet me at Chhtrapati Shivaji airport 
and I have to handover my cash to a girl name Stella
What about your money?
They ll transfer it to my account .

Aisha was one of them ,this spams fooled many people .Yes it is true we all love making fast money.
and that one thought that the money amount which I cannot make in my whole life I am getting in one day makes me Mad.But not so mad that I ll give all my personal details to an unknown.

So that day I stopped Aisha .Yes it was hard to stop a  "to be billionaire ".
I went to my Spam folder (try checking yours too) but do avoid clicking on links .

Check out the Fools part :-

I am Adrian Bayford, I and my wife were Recent winners of the euro million
lottery of £148.6 million and we want it share with you (Really ,who the hell will share an big amount
with and strange and tell me why ?)

I am so and so ,daughter of Billionaire ,everybody in her family(you ll find the family name too) 
died in plane crash.So i have lots of money i want to give it to some body who is needy.
(Really,how you come to know that i am needy)

I and my husband are aging day by day ,we dont have children and want to transfer all our money 
to honest and good people .I know you are the honest one .Take all our money but invest some 
amount for Old age homes too in your country(Now thats emotional blackmail)

Now whats remaining ,A mail from RBI (obviously scam),i laughed so hard as RBI asking me to take my amount as it pending state with RBI from One year.

Yes, we do all mehnat get that amount in a year or may be 5 years .
Does that mean we can easily fooled by such stuff.
Please pass it on to people who get these kind of spam mails .
Do not respond 

God forbid ,it can be bigger scam . coz you cant meet a stranger alone and give your money.And also you cannot share your bank details !!

If you care please share it with your friends 
I know there are many Aishas roaming out there 

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Chadta suraj dheere dhhere dhalta hain dhal jaeyga

I always used to hear this Qawali at my chacha's place .Never understood what the words are saying ,but use to love this qawali.
Today when I heard it again Chadta suraj dheere dhhere dhalta hain dhal jaeyga at Coke Studio.I realised it was so meaningful and thus wrote below poem .

Poetic sound of life
true we love our life !
which is temporary ?
this house !
this walls !

many were kings. 
now they are names. 
in the mud .
in the air .
tell me you know where they are ?

today we are proud .
proud to drink .
and we don't care .
Now you are proud.

One day you will be just a name .
or may be a memory.
Life don't know what is ?
you are traveller .
you are a guest .
those diamonds!!
those money !!
oh! you cant take it with yourself 

You are so busy with life.
You don't have time for Allah .
You love the life which is temporary.
You are sleeping
Get up !!
otherwise you ll sleep forever. 
and ever .

So proud of your youth !!
Yet understanding life .
Still youth !
Or a drowning youth .
who don't cares about life hereafter .
true we love our life .
which is temporary ??

Thursday, 10 January 2013

All day All night

Sometimes silent,sometimes vibrating
Talking about you all the time!
Thinking about you all the time!
Like a story.
Which is never ending?
All day ,All night
Whether you are truth or you are dream?
I don’t know.
Whenever I see you.
You mesmerize me
I am hypnotized by you
My heart keeps singing for you
Sometimes silent,sometimes vibrating
All the time for you
Only you 

Friday, 4 January 2013

Hhairstyles you ll love

Side Plate

Fish Tale

Give it a Purple

Low bun

Oh so schooly