Friday, 18 January 2013

Are you Being Human ?

No,I am not salman khan's Fan nor i hate him .As i dont know him personally neither i can judge him
i had heard many good thigns about his guy .
But then i thought there are amny people who help others and their name does not come
into picture .But i saw a different story here .
I was surprised to see Being human store  in  R-Mall.I entered the store,it  was different
but quite  expensive interior with lots of stuff like Tshirts ,Shirts ans Watches to sell.
and here you are buying your stuff as well as donating it to the needy
I was touched to see the employees there ,they were handicapped .Some of them were 
deaf or dumb,but they were well trained to sell and even help customers choosing their items.
So indirectly ,it is also the being human side where this store helping handicapped people 
to earn on their own.Wow humanity still exist !!

Salman khan and Being human team ,a Big Salute to you guys !!!


  1. Hi Farah,

    Wow, I think the highlight of the store are the employees. I didn't know that they had physically challenged people as employees, it's a great initiative then.
    Thanks for sharing this bit of info with us.


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    1. yes Jay most of people dont knw this info .
      but its great :)

      thanx for visiting my blog