Monday, 4 February 2013

Top Ten things every thin girl will face

1.Every time when relatives visit your home,the first question they ask you ,looking at you."You are getting thinner and thinner day by day,Beta you don't eat food or what"(Nope aunt ,I survive on water ,i am a water animal you know)

2. Every time when a Fat lady or overweight girl sees you,they look at you as their ultimate aim .Then they ask you what do you eat and your diet plans .(Ultimate aim ....)

3.Your Colleague keeps a check on your food plate ...and comments every time you eat cheese or those fat growing french fries or those fried chicken..These things never affect you...When i eat cheese..i grow up from my sidelines ..(What the hell...what i do our intestines ?) And stop staring at my plate ..even if i eat more :)

4.In a Restaurant,the waiter always give the larger share ,do know why he thinks you need more (Enough ...everybody needs equal share)

5.Malls ,Extra small size is also at times medium size for you ...Alteration please (why don't they make XXS extra extra small)

6.Some people look at you with their sad faces and say oh so thin .

7.While Some people envy you..take my fats from here and here too.

8.Gym can never be your option ....

9.You can wear two or three tshirts at a time ..and i promise you will still look thinner .

10.Lastly if someone by mistake says you that you are looking are on Cloud 9 

You tell me what's your thinophillia or Fatophillia

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