Friday, 8 February 2013

Try the NYX Liquid Eye Liner


I know girls are used to keep that small pouch or bag of makeup essentials with them in their hand bags, so it is always handy for them whenever its needed. The most beautiful part of the girls face is her eyes ,they say your eyes talk .I remember that the application of Kajal changes my look and it enhances my beauty all the time.More the darker and more the beauty .So you can call me kajal lover,I cannot breathe without kajal and I make sure I use the best of kajal which is also not harmful to my eyes .

So presenting NYX Kajal NYX Liquid Eye Liner which  It ensures sharp application, as the lasting colors have a quick-drying ability. There are many colors shades in NYX which range from pink to baby green and ocean.You can try as per your choice ,I tried and loved Black (my all time favorite),Blue (ecstatic),Brown(all new),Dark Brown(feels like chocolate) .Believe me the spreadness of kajal is awesome it gives you the ultimate look ,you can apply the coating as per your schedule .


For e.g:-

College-One coating (for peppy look), Two coating thick one(Indian look)

Office-One Coating (for official look), Two Coating above and below (Party look)


With this many looks to choose from, you might be inspired to switch up your eye liner every day of the week.

How to use:-

Make sure you have some table around to keep your liquied eye liner,have some support for your elbows ,I use mirror support (Stop blinking your eyes). Line your eyes in one single stroke on the upper lid from the inner side of the eye to the outer side. Let it dry. If needed, line your lower lid from the outer edge, tapering to the inner corner of the eye.

Price :- Actual price –Rs 450 while discounted price 360 on  Health
You save Rs 90/-

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