Thursday, 21 February 2013

You are eating all day ,I am hungry whole day

Colours and colours everywhere 
Momma tell me what's going there

They are celebrating somebody's wedding
and spending money like shatter 

Give me food ,give me water 
I also need some clothes 

look at the diamonds they wear
we even do not have papers to smear 

Why are they throwing so much of food
for them is that good

Do they ever felt weather
Sun,Rain and those shivering shelter

look how they laugh every now and then
we are deprived of even water 

Are they prince or princess something?
Or they are Gods favourites jing

We are left homeless and cloth-less
They have everything extra and nothing less

One time food is blessing for us 
Are we living life of curse ?

have they even walk on their foot
i have barely wore those shoes 

why is such imbalance on earth
they have thousands we have none

Still we care still we love 
Are they becoming animals or dove

We play and respect our siblings
they are strangers to all 

Look,look there comes the bride
all I can see is pride

I would bless her
if she would give me one bite 

No,Beta don't look at their food 
every particle is of no good 

made up of corruption and bad money 
Come I will give you rice and honey

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