Monday, 25 March 2013

Child Abuse-R u Human

I am a crazy shopping addict ,so that evening i urge my husband lets go to nearby mall .I promise i would do only window shopping .
Parking is always a problem and oh that mumbai traffic too.Alas! We reached the mall ,after really doing doing only window shopping  later we went to the food court.While my husband went to order some tasty snacks .I was busy glancing on other tables .Sardarji with a big spring dosa and sambar , Aunty having Famous parathas.Youngster groups having those yummy cheese pizza .Lovely colors of that kulfi too,they got new flavors cool.Now we get momos at malls too.So many options .Food food all around .
I saw a couple looking quite educated talking in English with their little 5 year old  child and strange little 10 yr old sweet girl holding hands of that 5 year old.They made both of them sit and i guess went for ordering food,5 year old was way too naughty while the little girl was quietly holding his hands .She was making him drink water.The lady from the couple came there and sat over.She bought a tray of Sada dosa and chutney .What i felt was strange that she asked that 10 yr old to make him eat this dosa .I kept looking what was happening there .She was busy with her phone while that 10 yr old was taking care of that baby.I was understanding the true picture ,and i still kept looking them.Whatever that baby needed should be taken care by another baby .I felt like giving a punch to that cruel heart lady,She even cant remove a handkerchief from her own bag.How lame.Something was really burning inside me.My husband came with prawns burger  and Fish burger i love.He noticed me watching them and said these kind of people are every where .They have the power to dominate and their money is their greatest power.They never understand humanity and they are followers of Satan .Their came that guy from the couple happily shouting look what i got burger,french fries,Coke and ordered ice cream too.You know what was worse they did not offered anything to the little girl .Believe me it was the most inhuman thing i have seen in my life ,all of three eating and little 10 yr old watching them .My words cannot describe the hunger and never can understand whats happening to the life of the child.

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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Fashion and you Sale

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Fortune Fish biryani

Fortune Fish biryani

Ingredients :-

Big size Pomfret fishes (6 pieces)
1kg Onion
Basmati rice
Fortune Rice Bran Oil
6 Tomatoes
5-6 Green chillies
3 tbsp Red chilly powder
1/2 tbsp Turmeric                                          
2 tbsp Coriander powder
7 Curry leaves
6 tbsp Coconut milk
Coriander leaves
1 tbsp Garam masala 
Salt to taste 


1.Wash rice  and let it boil with lots of water(note you have to throw all the water later on after the rice is cooked )and also add salt in that rice water

2.Wash the fish apply turmeric and Ginger garlic
paste and cover the fish utensil with a lid ,thus letting it marinate 

3.Now chop onions and tomatoes into fine pieces

4.Take one big Utensil(Big enough so that we can add rice and stir the mixture later on)

5.Put Fortune Rice Bran Oil in the utensil and let the onion fry till it becomes brown ,after the onions are brown .Remove some onions 
and keep it aside (for garnishing)

6.Add Ginger garlic paste 

7.Add Chopped tomatoes and green chilies and 3 tbsp Red chilly powder,1/2 tbsp Turmeric,1 tbsp Garam masala  and 2 tbsp Coriander powder.let it saute .

8.Add Coconut milk .

9.let all the mixture fry and now add curry leaves .Also make sure the masala is thick and dark red in colour (if not let it cook more)

10.Check out the rice ,soak water from the rice 

11.Add Marinated fish to the mixture fried with Fortune Rice Bran Oil.

12..let the fish fry in the delicious masala mixture turn the fish ,so that it is fried both the sides.

13 .Now take another Big utensil ,add some of the Fish masala and put little rice then sprinkle those saute brown crispy onions on it .and keep making layers .Cover with a tight lid and cook on very low flame for 10 minutes.

14.Uncover and mix gently till the rice is evenly coated with the masala.
 Add coriander and lemon 

Your Yummy Fish Biryani is ready  

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Monday, 11 March 2013

Welcome to Hairdom Tresseme

Everything is imaginative or dream until it comes true ,so lets take it imaginative .I am Farah taking you to the United States of Hairdom.This is the place where you will find everything related to hairs .Hairs speak their own words when it comes to you becoming trendy and stylish .And now you are entering your dreamworld ,We welcome you to United States of hairdom and we will make sure you become ramp ready.
Please have a seat and relax yourself !
I hope you are liking that music ,Stress is one of the factors for your unhealthy hairs .Be stress free and make time to relax yourself .

Kiara,please put off that curtain ,Lot of sun exposure is also bad for hairs !
Hmm lets check out your hairs,Ma’am do you use more of dryers or Hair irons?It is good for hairs to dry naturally ,use those hair dryers only when you are in hurry or when you need to catch out parties.As the name says ,hair dryers dry up the moisture in the hair and makes it look really dry .While hair ironing ,if you do it daily please use hair care serum along with that .

Before I ask you for Hair style ,lets do Hair Salon wash!Have a sit 

Step 1: Checking out your hair is very important ,since everyone hairs are different ,some are curly ,some are straight,some are dry and some are Oily.So the Key to your gorgeous hairs is shampoo and which suits you hair type .Tresseme have variety of shampoos which will suit your hair needs and you can choose accordingly .

According to your hairs, you need Hair fall defense for healthier looking style we will use the same for you.I will prevent frizz by strengthening and moisturize your hair cuticles too.

Step 2:Now since we have chosen a perfect shampoo,lets wet your hair completely and apply shampoo .Make sure you run your fingers in your head ,I hope its good head massage for you .I am avoiding my nails to touch your scalp and using my fingers only.Nails at time contains dirt which is bad for your scalp.After washing your hairs,rinse your hair water softly .

Step 3:We will use Tresseme Hair fall defense conditioner for yours ,it will help you gain natural oils and conditions your hairs .Now go to sleep for  5 minutes.
5mins over ,we will wash your thoroughly.
Aah what a smell,I love this defensive smell .So now you can touch hair .It is feeling soft,lustrous and silky .You are ready for ramp walk !!No No ,Don’t you want to enhance your look by sporting a new hairstyle with these strands .

Choosing a hair style for you:-
Now ,there are different hairstyles for different types  
1.Curly hairs
2.Wavy hairs
3.Straight hairs
Since you have hairs as a combination of Wavy and straight and I love you hair length too,we will check out which hairstyle will go on you !

1.Catwalk Pony

How To Style:
1. This hairstyle is called as Cat walk pony,We will blow dry your hairs Dry hair using a blow dryer and of course with the paddle brush.
2. Now I am Backcombing your  fringe area and taking top crown section for maximum volume. Umm I guess this small teasing brush will help me partitioning smooth outer layers back and away from your face.
3. Now lets gather remaining hair into a high ponytail. Let me take the side, back and nape areas as sleek and smooth as possible. I hope I am gentle enough adding  the top section and secure with a snag-free rubber band or hair tie. Now taking the small section of your hair and wrap it around the rubber band or hair tie.
Wow looking like a Cat !

2.Modern Long layers 

How to Style:
1. Since your hairs are long and straight we can try this hairstyle on you .You need to blow dryer and of course with the paddle brush
2. I am just doing touch up any unruly pieces with a flat iron and smoothing down hair around your face. I will try middle part for a trendy retro vibe look.
3. Now setting your finished look with a flexible hold hairspray and a bit of shine spray for a glamorous look.
Should I call you as a cute Rapunzel ,my my looking awesome

3.Favourite loose curls 

How to Style:
1. We will blow dry your hairs Dry hair using a blow dryer and of course with the paddle brush.If you are bored of your cute straight hair look,lets try some loose curls
2. Lets dry out your hairs , and we will curl large sections of hair with a 1 ½” or larger curling iron, I am focusing only on the ends.
3. Wow the curls are looking cool on you damsel , Noww I am breaking it  up with my  fingers and spray with your favorite hairspray for long lasting hold.
You are looking sweet and sexy siren !! 

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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Child abuse-Rich poor

Eat those rice
Drink that milk
don't you want burger
Or that cookies

Give me some water
Give me some food
I am Hungry
That ice cream looks good

Wear that cotton blue shirt
Wear that lovely pants 
Hat looks good on you
My son is a hero

I need some clothes 
Sun is too shiny
I need some clothes 
It is too rainy

Zoom zoom says my car
Pretty is my doll
I want more toys to play
Buy me that bat shay

Stones are my games
Tommy is my dog's name
I play with that broken toy
lovely i got jeep from dustbin ply

I ll not pick up those clothes
i ll not keep my bag
Oh! somebody buckle my shoe 

Tea for rupees Five
Rubber bands for rupees ten 
Utensils i will clean
Oh!Bricks are so heavy thing 

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Child Abuse-No school please

Everyday some drama chikku,if you will not go to school you will become dumbass
Do you want to become a vegetable seller ?

Chikku:No momma 
Or else cleaner
Chikku:No momaa
So you have to go to school
Chikku:No momma,I dont like that Sir .
Now new things everyday ,why dont you like that sir ?he must be scolding you ? and obviously he should ,"otherwise you will become dumbass"
Chikku:No momma ,please i dont want to go to school
            i dont like that sir,he is very bad
          Very very bad
And i am worst 
Look chikku ,i want you to be educated and then a rich settled man
Chikku:Momma please i dont want to go to school

This happened for about 6 months ,Chikku was reluctant for going to school ,his mother thought that may be he is throwing tantrums as most children do,
Chikku's mother was so busy in her activities that she did not care what was the thing concerning the child ?
She kept a maid who was old lady ,so that maid can take care of her child 
On the first day ,Maid was changing chiku'dress
Very politely she said ,"Beta ,wear this uniform and go to school"
She noticed that the child was shivering with every touch she made
Okay you don't want to go to school ,We will not go 
Now happy !
That day she soon became friends with him.
Child's mother was chatting with this maid saying that he has this school fuses daily 
While the old lady said ,Do you really think it is the small matter madam?
have you noticed that your child is not behaving like a normal one ,she does not play around ,he is not interested in cartoons ,the only thing he is concerned is School .
What do you mean ,i am not getting you?
Madam,while i was changing his pants i saw certain shivers in his body
i took him in my arms and asked him ,why is school bothering him all day ?he cried a lot and said "Sir is a bad man".
That day both the parents and the maid very calmly asked the child
Mom sir is touching me everywhere
he takes me to bathroom and hurts me badly 
i will never go to school ...never ..ever 

Sometimes parents do not understand whats concerning the child ,some times childrens who are the most innocent creature of god ,dont know how to express themselves .They even dont know whats going with them.These childrens need love to understand them.Child abuse is common everywhere,in schools ,school buses,school tuitions ,gardens etc.Help spreading the awareness however you can !!

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Try that Braids

Hairs are the most attracting part of a girl style ,it makes  you look presentable as well as prettier . One  hair  trend which looks good on everybody right from a school going girl to  Cool girl is Braids ,Try that braids.Yes Braids fashion is back  Presenting you with the styles of braids you will love to flaunt .You can try these braids styles at your office, Parties, college fest,Home Functions,Kitty parties  and Weddings .

1.Braids everywhere

Make 50 partitions of your hairs (i hope you have that much of hair )
now for each partitions make braids
After 3 hours ,when there are braids all over your head with those colourful bands on each braids.
You are ready to go !! looking like a beautiful dangerous  princess .
Try this hairstyle at parties

2. School girl braid

We love to see ourselves as young.
So lets try school girl braids
Make two partitions of hairs
Make two braids of those two partitions
Tie ribbons on the ends
A lolly pop and water bottle around your neck will add to your look
You are ready to go

3. Rainbow look

Make  Seven braids
Color them all with different colors
You are ready for rains 

4.Azgar ki choti

Precondition :-You should have long and thick hairs
Make one braid till the end
now bring the braid in front of your face
start rolling it from your left ear  to right ear
Beware of the other snakes ,they might have their eye on you ,thinking their siblings on your head
Ting ting you are ready to roll the world

5. Chocolate braid

This is the latest trend braids
Make several braids
Tie rubber bands along with chocolates
You can try this style on your birthday party
Hangs those mints on your hairs and ask you Friends to grab it

6. Cris's cross  braid

It can also be called as Danger zone braid
Make two partitions of your hairs
In each partition,make two braids ,so total 4 braids
now bring one of each partition to other side
such like that it looks like cross mark

7.Mini coconut trees braids

Precondition:-You need short hair

i know this is difficult guys,but you have to work hard so that you look great
So make lots of braids all over your head
tie it with some rubber bands
after each and every strand of your hair is covered
You are ready !!
Make sure you add water to you mini coconut trees.

8.Braid glares look

Girls this braid will give you glares look
No it will not act as sun protection glares
You will look as pretty as this girl in this picture
Take some strands of hair from the front end of right side
Start making braid
After the half braid is over
Take this braid to left side
Make sure this braid goes from the bottom of your eyes
and attach it the hairs on left side by again making braid (you can use pins instead for attachments)
Repeat the same step for left side
Wow what a use of braids

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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Faqs of beauty contest

I read that swimsuit is compulsory !
Yes,you read it right "swimsuit is compulsory "
I read that Indian passport is compulsory 
Yes,you need to be Indian to participate.

Now whats the connection,Can any body tell me that?An Indian woman who is respected as Goddess in india ,they see women to be great mothers and sisters.Indian culture says the best modesty of women lies in their charm and not their skin .
Skin show is totally western culture and beauty contest says you need to be an Indian to participate .Should we change call it as "Skin Show contest ",to be straight enough 
Camera has it own pros and cons ,at times it catches inner beauty and at times it wants inner beauty .Beauty now never lies in the eyes of the beholder ,it lies underneath the swimsuit .

I laughed out and was flabbergasted to read the rules of the beauty contest ,One of my friend wanted to participate . She is extremely talented and confident to face the contest  and she matched up to the criteria of the contest,but she have to back out just because she rejected to wear those twp pieces as they called .
Their motive is long (Never ending body) with all the visible parts to be displayed ! No matter you are confident or not they teach you mere walking like a Cat (Animal) and they ll offer you Salads to indulge.In turn you will get lots of competition ,you are lucky if you are placed in some smirky ad or Television serial .Don't ever think you are next Aishwarya .There are many aishwaryas waiting in the queues ,with their Indian passport and Swimsuits.