Thursday, 7 March 2013

Child Abuse-No school please

Everyday some drama chikku,if you will not go to school you will become dumbass
Do you want to become a vegetable seller ?

Chikku:No momma 
Or else cleaner
Chikku:No momaa
So you have to go to school
Chikku:No momma,I dont like that Sir .
Now new things everyday ,why dont you like that sir ?he must be scolding you ? and obviously he should ,"otherwise you will become dumbass"
Chikku:No momma ,please i dont want to go to school
            i dont like that sir,he is very bad
          Very very bad
And i am worst 
Look chikku ,i want you to be educated and then a rich settled man
Chikku:Momma please i dont want to go to school

This happened for about 6 months ,Chikku was reluctant for going to school ,his mother thought that may be he is throwing tantrums as most children do,
Chikku's mother was so busy in her activities that she did not care what was the thing concerning the child ?
She kept a maid who was old lady ,so that maid can take care of her child 
On the first day ,Maid was changing chiku'dress
Very politely she said ,"Beta ,wear this uniform and go to school"
She noticed that the child was shivering with every touch she made
Okay you don't want to go to school ,We will not go 
Now happy !
That day she soon became friends with him.
Child's mother was chatting with this maid saying that he has this school fuses daily 
While the old lady said ,Do you really think it is the small matter madam?
have you noticed that your child is not behaving like a normal one ,she does not play around ,he is not interested in cartoons ,the only thing he is concerned is School .
What do you mean ,i am not getting you?
Madam,while i was changing his pants i saw certain shivers in his body
i took him in my arms and asked him ,why is school bothering him all day ?he cried a lot and said "Sir is a bad man".
That day both the parents and the maid very calmly asked the child
Mom sir is touching me everywhere
he takes me to bathroom and hurts me badly 
i will never go to school ...never ..ever 

Sometimes parents do not understand whats concerning the child ,some times childrens who are the most innocent creature of god ,dont know how to express themselves .They even dont know whats going with them.These childrens need love to understand them.Child abuse is common everywhere,in schools ,school buses,school tuitions ,gardens etc.Help spreading the awareness however you can !!

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