Monday, 25 March 2013

Child Abuse-R u Human

I am a crazy shopping addict ,so that evening i urge my husband lets go to nearby mall .I promise i would do only window shopping .
Parking is always a problem and oh that mumbai traffic too.Alas! We reached the mall ,after really doing doing only window shopping  later we went to the food court.While my husband went to order some tasty snacks .I was busy glancing on other tables .Sardarji with a big spring dosa and sambar , Aunty having Famous parathas.Youngster groups having those yummy cheese pizza .Lovely colors of that kulfi too,they got new flavors cool.Now we get momos at malls too.So many options .Food food all around .
I saw a couple looking quite educated talking in English with their little 5 year old  child and strange little 10 yr old sweet girl holding hands of that 5 year old.They made both of them sit and i guess went for ordering food,5 year old was way too naughty while the little girl was quietly holding his hands .She was making him drink water.The lady from the couple came there and sat over.She bought a tray of Sada dosa and chutney .What i felt was strange that she asked that 10 yr old to make him eat this dosa .I kept looking what was happening there .She was busy with her phone while that 10 yr old was taking care of that baby.I was understanding the true picture ,and i still kept looking them.Whatever that baby needed should be taken care by another baby .I felt like giving a punch to that cruel heart lady,She even cant remove a handkerchief from her own bag.How lame.Something was really burning inside me.My husband came with prawns burger  and Fish burger i love.He noticed me watching them and said these kind of people are every where .They have the power to dominate and their money is their greatest power.They never understand humanity and they are followers of Satan .Their came that guy from the couple happily shouting look what i got burger,french fries,Coke and ordered ice cream too.You know what was worse they did not offered anything to the little girl .Believe me it was the most inhuman thing i have seen in my life ,all of three eating and little 10 yr old watching them .My words cannot describe the hunger and never can understand whats happening to the life of the child.

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  1. well this is what the reality of life is Farah!! they who have do not believe in distributing .. do not understand even they are getting it by GOD's grace and the grace has to be duly transferred to God's other children and not by feeling proud of oneself but by being thankful to God that he chose them as the medium of distribution !! Anyways I do not support child domestic help and child labour in any form and not only i condemn this but I have taken stands when needed .. if one makes a kid work , its the owner's responsibility to make sure the child gets good food , clothing and education as well ... thats an Indian's birth right moreover its a human's birth right !!