Thursday, 7 March 2013

Child abuse-Rich poor

Eat those rice
Drink that milk
don't you want burger
Or that cookies

Give me some water
Give me some food
I am Hungry
That ice cream looks good

Wear that cotton blue shirt
Wear that lovely pants 
Hat looks good on you
My son is a hero

I need some clothes 
Sun is too shiny
I need some clothes 
It is too rainy

Zoom zoom says my car
Pretty is my doll
I want more toys to play
Buy me that bat shay

Stones are my games
Tommy is my dog's name
I play with that broken toy
lovely i got jeep from dustbin ply

I ll not pick up those clothes
i ll not keep my bag
Oh! somebody buckle my shoe 

Tea for rupees Five
Rubber bands for rupees ten 
Utensils i will clean
Oh!Bricks are so heavy thing 

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