Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Faqs of beauty contest

I read that swimsuit is compulsory !
Yes,you read it right "swimsuit is compulsory "
I read that Indian passport is compulsory 
Yes,you need to be Indian to participate.

Now whats the connection,Can any body tell me that?An Indian woman who is respected as Goddess in india ,they see women to be great mothers and sisters.Indian culture says the best modesty of women lies in their charm and not their skin .
Skin show is totally western culture and beauty contest says you need to be an Indian to participate .Should we change call it as "Skin Show contest ",to be straight enough 
Camera has it own pros and cons ,at times it catches inner beauty and at times it wants inner beauty .Beauty now never lies in the eyes of the beholder ,it lies underneath the swimsuit .

I laughed out and was flabbergasted to read the rules of the beauty contest ,One of my friend wanted to participate . She is extremely talented and confident to face the contest  and she matched up to the criteria of the contest,but she have to back out just because she rejected to wear those twp pieces as they called .
Their motive is long (Never ending body) with all the visible parts to be displayed ! No matter you are confident or not they teach you mere walking like a Cat (Animal) and they ll offer you Salads to indulge.In turn you will get lots of competition ,you are lucky if you are placed in some smirky ad or Television serial .Don't ever think you are next Aishwarya .There are many aishwaryas waiting in the queues ,with their Indian passport and Swimsuits.

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