Thursday, 7 March 2013

Try that Braids

Hairs are the most attracting part of a girl style ,it makes  you look presentable as well as prettier . One  hair  trend which looks good on everybody right from a school going girl to  Cool girl is Braids ,Try that braids.Yes Braids fashion is back  Presenting you with the styles of braids you will love to flaunt .You can try these braids styles at your office, Parties, college fest,Home Functions,Kitty parties  and Weddings .

1.Braids everywhere

Make 50 partitions of your hairs (i hope you have that much of hair )
now for each partitions make braids
After 3 hours ,when there are braids all over your head with those colourful bands on each braids.
You are ready to go !! looking like a beautiful dangerous  princess .
Try this hairstyle at parties

2. School girl braid

We love to see ourselves as young.
So lets try school girl braids
Make two partitions of hairs
Make two braids of those two partitions
Tie ribbons on the ends
A lolly pop and water bottle around your neck will add to your look
You are ready to go

3. Rainbow look

Make  Seven braids
Color them all with different colors
You are ready for rains 

4.Azgar ki choti

Precondition :-You should have long and thick hairs
Make one braid till the end
now bring the braid in front of your face
start rolling it from your left ear  to right ear
Beware of the other snakes ,they might have their eye on you ,thinking their siblings on your head
Ting ting you are ready to roll the world

5. Chocolate braid

This is the latest trend braids
Make several braids
Tie rubber bands along with chocolates
You can try this style on your birthday party
Hangs those mints on your hairs and ask you Friends to grab it

6. Cris's cross  braid

It can also be called as Danger zone braid
Make two partitions of your hairs
In each partition,make two braids ,so total 4 braids
now bring one of each partition to other side
such like that it looks like cross mark

7.Mini coconut trees braids

Precondition:-You need short hair

i know this is difficult guys,but you have to work hard so that you look great
So make lots of braids all over your head
tie it with some rubber bands
after each and every strand of your hair is covered
You are ready !!
Make sure you add water to you mini coconut trees.

8.Braid glares look

Girls this braid will give you glares look
No it will not act as sun protection glares
You will look as pretty as this girl in this picture
Take some strands of hair from the front end of right side
Start making braid
After the half braid is over
Take this braid to left side
Make sure this braid goes from the bottom of your eyes
and attach it the hairs on left side by again making braid (you can use pins instead for attachments)
Repeat the same step for left side
Wow what a use of braids

This is exclusively written for Beautiful Ends to your Beautiful Braids!
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