Monday, 11 March 2013

Welcome to Hairdom Tresseme

Everything is imaginative or dream until it comes true ,so lets take it imaginative .I am Farah taking you to the United States of Hairdom.This is the place where you will find everything related to hairs .Hairs speak their own words when it comes to you becoming trendy and stylish .And now you are entering your dreamworld ,We welcome you to United States of hairdom and we will make sure you become ramp ready.
Please have a seat and relax yourself !
I hope you are liking that music ,Stress is one of the factors for your unhealthy hairs .Be stress free and make time to relax yourself .

Kiara,please put off that curtain ,Lot of sun exposure is also bad for hairs !
Hmm lets check out your hairs,Ma’am do you use more of dryers or Hair irons?It is good for hairs to dry naturally ,use those hair dryers only when you are in hurry or when you need to catch out parties.As the name says ,hair dryers dry up the moisture in the hair and makes it look really dry .While hair ironing ,if you do it daily please use hair care serum along with that .

Before I ask you for Hair style ,lets do Hair Salon wash!Have a sit 

Step 1: Checking out your hair is very important ,since everyone hairs are different ,some are curly ,some are straight,some are dry and some are Oily.So the Key to your gorgeous hairs is shampoo and which suits you hair type .Tresseme have variety of shampoos which will suit your hair needs and you can choose accordingly .

According to your hairs, you need Hair fall defense for healthier looking style we will use the same for you.I will prevent frizz by strengthening and moisturize your hair cuticles too.

Step 2:Now since we have chosen a perfect shampoo,lets wet your hair completely and apply shampoo .Make sure you run your fingers in your head ,I hope its good head massage for you .I am avoiding my nails to touch your scalp and using my fingers only.Nails at time contains dirt which is bad for your scalp.After washing your hairs,rinse your hair water softly .

Step 3:We will use Tresseme Hair fall defense conditioner for yours ,it will help you gain natural oils and conditions your hairs .Now go to sleep for  5 minutes.
5mins over ,we will wash your thoroughly.
Aah what a smell,I love this defensive smell .So now you can touch hair .It is feeling soft,lustrous and silky .You are ready for ramp walk !!No No ,Don’t you want to enhance your look by sporting a new hairstyle with these strands .

Choosing a hair style for you:-
Now ,there are different hairstyles for different types  
1.Curly hairs
2.Wavy hairs
3.Straight hairs
Since you have hairs as a combination of Wavy and straight and I love you hair length too,we will check out which hairstyle will go on you !

1.Catwalk Pony

How To Style:
1. This hairstyle is called as Cat walk pony,We will blow dry your hairs Dry hair using a blow dryer and of course with the paddle brush.
2. Now I am Backcombing your  fringe area and taking top crown section for maximum volume. Umm I guess this small teasing brush will help me partitioning smooth outer layers back and away from your face.
3. Now lets gather remaining hair into a high ponytail. Let me take the side, back and nape areas as sleek and smooth as possible. I hope I am gentle enough adding  the top section and secure with a snag-free rubber band or hair tie. Now taking the small section of your hair and wrap it around the rubber band or hair tie.
Wow looking like a Cat !

2.Modern Long layers 

How to Style:
1. Since your hairs are long and straight we can try this hairstyle on you .You need to blow dryer and of course with the paddle brush
2. I am just doing touch up any unruly pieces with a flat iron and smoothing down hair around your face. I will try middle part for a trendy retro vibe look.
3. Now setting your finished look with a flexible hold hairspray and a bit of shine spray for a glamorous look.
Should I call you as a cute Rapunzel ,my my looking awesome

3.Favourite loose curls 

How to Style:
1. We will blow dry your hairs Dry hair using a blow dryer and of course with the paddle brush.If you are bored of your cute straight hair look,lets try some loose curls
2. Lets dry out your hairs , and we will curl large sections of hair with a 1 ½” or larger curling iron, I am focusing only on the ends.
3. Wow the curls are looking cool on you damsel , Noww I am breaking it  up with my  fingers and spray with your favorite hairspray for long lasting hold.
You are looking sweet and sexy siren !! 

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  1. Well written post! Somehow these days I am attracted to the curls , and favourite loose curls looks cool for me

  2. Hey Uma ,Well Curls are awesome options for having a new look :)

    Thanks for visting my blog

  3. I have long hair, always straight but I really feel like trying out curls! ^_^
    Nice post! Got here through indiblogger :)

  4. @Ashna Wow long hairs ,even i have long and straight hairs .You know it add to your looks .You can try curls but try temporary ones first .
    Thanks for visiting my blog

  5. Interesting post :-) all the best for the contest :-)