Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Connection with Allah

We all have very special and personal connection with God.I call it Allah and Allah is my special companion .Where ever i am,good or bad ,Happy or sad ,Lucky or floating ....i know one thing for sure that Allah is with me all around and smiling at me .I always ask Allah to lead me the right path.I thank Allah for everything and every moment he gave me.There is lovely fear of Allah in my heart which leads me the right path.Even when nobody is around,i know Allah is watching me.
I cannot hurt anybody purposely
I cannot steal or rob
I cannot lie
I cannot make fun of people which can hurt them
I cannot cheat 
I cannot follow Satan 
That's the power of Allah 

I can laugh
I can be happy
I can smile
I can help people 
I can pray 
I can jump
I can play
I can cook 
And That's the power of Allah 

Its beautiful way of living life and always communicating to Allah for leading us right .
I know everybody have that special connection of the supreme creator and may it always keeps you connected !

Monday, 22 April 2013

Shop online at Jabong and Save from Coupon rani

Shopping experience at Jabong !

I am a crazy shopaholic ,and whenever i get a chance i go on line too.I did my on line shopping with Jabong,Flipkart,Shopperstop,Myntra etc.Although Jabong is my all time favourite .I loved the way the products are so well designed,pictured and compared .You can sort it according to your choice .Another i love is super speed service ,plus the return policy.I remember once i had ordered a pair of
sandals (however it was loose)so i returned it back after trying .

Below are some of the reasons i would considered Jabong :-
  • Wide range of collection
  • Availability of sizes
  • Availability of colours 
  • Easy return policy 
  • Cash on delivery 

However , i would suggest you guys ,if you are indulging in on line shopping avoid food products,perfumes,stitched salwar kameez.You can go for shoes(but you should know your exact size for that brand).

Now recently, I came across another Coupons offering site on the web. We all lust discounts after all.

Life in balloons

Guess what is the age of this fatty boy?he is 15 or may be 14 ?
Nope he is just 11 year old !
What,no jokes please ,i am in no mood 
I am not joking he is just 11 year old
But he is so obese or i call it maha obese,he must be weighing 90kgs ,but to my surprise he was 110 kgs .
How does this people gain so much of weight ?
Now this little champ eats like a champenzee,burgers in number of dozens with extra cheese .
Biryani three plates full !
Full Chicken
Extra large size Pomfret ,four or five is a must for them.
Eating is their family tradition(yeah but look at your poor stomach bulging out)
He is tired eating food and getting up is almost a problem 
He says for me sky is the limit (Yeah we know Mr Burger King).Doctor had advised him a diet but he refused saying he can do exercise but cant go for a diet.So now he goes for walk 10 mins daily (10mins :))
Most of his family members do not look of their own age ,all have multiplied their ages ,looking ultra huge .I don't know whether you have heard of this or not ?but doctors have inserted balloons in their stomachs.It is known as Intra-Gastric Ballons .The intragastric balloon is mainly designed for  weight loss in people who ideally have 10 to 30 kilograms of weight to lose. The minimum BMI is for individuals with a BMI of 27 and greater.
however ,It is also used for obese people who are not suitable for other forms of weight loss surgery. The use of the Gastric Balloon may assist in reducing weight prior to actual surgery, therefore reducing the risks associated with surgical procedures on overweight patients.This was real example of a family who are actually obese hereditary.But,Nowadays children s they love those deep fried french fries and extra cheese burgers.They are much more engrossed in studies and end up playing video games .This life style is making them dull boy.As outdoor playing  is a kind of exercise every growing kid needs .Video game can never replace real friends and real air.Burgers can never be source of energy food anytime . 

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Friday, 19 April 2013

Oh baba bengali !!

last week,i was travelling in the local trains of mumbai .Fortunately it was empty enough to stand and breathe .It was mid afternoon Saturday ,may be that was the reason of fortune.While listening to music,my eyes saw a ad poster on the trains saying 

Baba Bengali Amir Ali Shah 
Saavdhan dus minute mein sabhi samasyaaoh ka samadhaan
jaise bhootpret,jaddo tona,ladki ka chakkar ,Naukri,film,shaadi,dushman se badlaa 
yaa fir prem vivaah
10 ghante mein 101% laabh (My promiss)

Contact Baba Bengali Gold certified 

I was amazed at the talent of this guy,is he a super duper robot who knows everything
or one who is who ulti-multi talented.Magic in ten minutes ,people are mad to struggle so much in life and they study hard to get good work,why not approach this guy .
You like a girl ,even if she is Katrina ,no problem .You can marry her and it is baba's Promiss And tell me what is the certification for ?i heard about Java certified and ISTQB certified .But this guy is Gold certified !!!

Do you think people do not believe in this stuff now ?then you are wrong 
People still believe in mahurats ,they offer milk(which is wasted )to stones .
They still offer flowers on dead people .One of my friend was not keeping well and her granny suggested her to go some religious place and she will get well .She took off from office as she cannot stand due to weakness,but as she thought she would be well after going to some religious place .Her hubby told her ,God is everywhere ..sit at home and pray for your health from here itself.

One of my cousin's father is multi superstitious ,on some define weekdays he light up diyas and pray to that .And everybody at home should be cautious that the  diya should not be blown off.

We are surrounded by such people and we just have to look out what is right and makes sense .
No,no conclusions to this as some how some way i also used to follow many things blindly .

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Humanity is lost...we are now animals or worst

Humanity is lost
And you say you are human

Somebody is crying with pain
And you still laugh

You never help
You never smile

You kill people
And you say you are human

Cut them into pieces
Slaughter them
Rape them

You lie and sell
You kill your own self
And you say you are human

You waste water
You waste food
And then you do no good

You betray your own relatives
You hold grudges against  you parents
And you still say you are human !!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

He is the Soldier for women

We were twelve year old and was roaming at the local bazaars .Me and my friend Tara was young enough to joke and laugh about everything we saw .We were making fun of things and making rounds of the bazaar twice,however sometime later ,we noticed one man following us .That made us too scared ,we started increasing our pace and was moving towards our house which was located about 20 mins away from bazaar.We saw him following us and when we tried to look at him,he returned a strange smile .We felt too scared ,We stood still nearby by shop (Shop of hairbands,accessories).That shop owner (Old man) noticed us and asked us ,"Any problem".We said "no".However we saw that man was standing or may be waiting across the road.Then we said to that old man about the incident ,he called his young group of boys and asked them to drop us till home.Looking at the group that guy flewed away ,We were too scared to even say thanks to any of them who helped us reach safely .

I wanted to salute

the man who respects .
the man who helps .
the man who lower his gaze .
the man who shows his power in right way .
the man who is brotherly .
the man who is real man.

This post is exclusively written for Gillette-Soldier for Women

Friday, 5 April 2013

Waste water,Earn Sin

So many facts and so many truth .I stayed at mumbai western areas ,where water was always  a problem.Water was available for half an hour every 4 days a week.We use to fill every possible utensils  with water ,so that water can be used for washing clothes or utensils or garden area.Being a middle

class person,sometimes we used to buy water when there is a party at home or guest at home.As we all know Water is the basic need of every man.Washing
clothes,Bathing,Washrooms,Utensils,Cleaning floors,Cooking .We cant imagine life without water ,Can we ?
Now ,I shifted to other part of mumbai where there is loads of water.People use water like Air .For simply washing your feets,you don’t need a bucket of  water ..tell me do you?
Or washing your washed utensils again and again.
Or Keeping your tap open all the time so that your bucket will be full.
Cleaning your floors twice .
My neighbors clean their garden area with water everyday ….water wastage .
Being from  water deprived part of mumbai,Help me  spread the word to the world that water wastage is a sin.Nowadays  there is lots of water shortage going on in parts of Maharashtra.Droughts are causing no harvest which in turn causing curse to our Farmers .I saw poor people struggling to get water for drinking .People are washing their clothes with gutter water .Thirst is making people ill cause for dehydration.Try going without water  for 6 hours and you will know the importance of water .People are deprived of food as there is so much shortage of water .You can indirectly help them just by saving water  at your  Home
Here I go,
Save Water ,Save Life 

Thursday, 4 April 2013

My Soul

Sometimes you are all what I want .
All my life!
All my time!
You are the one!
My Universe!
My Soul!
And the defined love .

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Words of love

You are imperfectly perfect
I am perfectly imperfect
But we both are perfectly perfect

You are colourly colourless
I am colourlessly coloured
But we both are Colourly coloured

You are patiently impatient
I am impatiently patient
But we both are Patiently patient

You are wrongly right
I am rightly wrong
But we both are Rightly right

You are east
I am west
But we both lead the rest

You are sky
I am earth
But we both make each other’s Universe

You are Fire
I am water
But we both does matter

You are rude
I am happy
But we both together go clappy

You are light
I am dark
Making each others life bright