Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Connection with Allah

We all have very special and personal connection with God.I call it Allah and Allah is my special companion .Where ever i am,good or bad ,Happy or sad ,Lucky or floating ....i know one thing for sure that Allah is with me all around and smiling at me .I always ask Allah to lead me the right path.I thank Allah for everything and every moment he gave me.There is lovely fear of Allah in my heart which leads me the right path.Even when nobody is around,i know Allah is watching me.
I cannot hurt anybody purposely
I cannot steal or rob
I cannot lie
I cannot make fun of people which can hurt them
I cannot cheat 
I cannot follow Satan 
That's the power of Allah 

I can laugh
I can be happy
I can smile
I can help people 
I can pray 
I can jump
I can play
I can cook 
And That's the power of Allah 

Its beautiful way of living life and always communicating to Allah for leading us right .
I know everybody have that special connection of the supreme creator and may it always keeps you connected !


  1. Nice Post..! Stay blessed..!!!

  2. very beautifully said, Farah. without such thought we will be going astray. may Allah protect us from all the evil. aameen.
    A Rat's Nibble - Weightless

  3. @ a Rat ,Thankyou !! May allah lead us the right path

  4. such lovely words, fills one with so much serenity :)