Wednesday, 10 April 2013

He is the Soldier for women

We were twelve year old and was roaming at the local bazaars .Me and my friend Tara was young enough to joke and laugh about everything we saw .We were making fun of things and making rounds of the bazaar twice,however sometime later ,we noticed one man following us .That made us too scared ,we started increasing our pace and was moving towards our house which was located about 20 mins away from bazaar.We saw him following us and when we tried to look at him,he returned a strange smile .We felt too scared ,We stood still nearby by shop (Shop of hairbands,accessories).That shop owner (Old man) noticed us and asked us ,"Any problem".We said "no".However we saw that man was standing or may be waiting across the road.Then we said to that old man about the incident ,he called his young group of boys and asked them to drop us till home.Looking at the group that guy flewed away ,We were too scared to even say thanks to any of them who helped us reach safely .

I wanted to salute

the man who respects .
the man who helps .
the man who lower his gaze .
the man who shows his power in right way .
the man who is brotherly .
the man who is real man.

This post is exclusively written for Gillette-Soldier for Women

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