Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Humanity is lost...we are now animals or worst

Humanity is lost
And you say you are human

Somebody is crying with pain
And you still laugh

You never help
You never smile

You kill people
And you say you are human

Cut them into pieces
Slaughter them
Rape them

You lie and sell
You kill your own self
And you say you are human

You waste water
You waste food
And then you do no good

You betray your own relatives
You hold grudges against  you parents
And you still say you are human !!


  1. the reflection of human's true face ... very nice Farah.. this is the first time I visiting your blog and quite liked your thoughts on humanity !! happy blogging !! :)

  2. @mysay yes its the fact of todays new world ....we humans do not own their own humanity

    Thanks for visiting my blog