Friday, 19 April 2013

Oh baba bengali !!

last week,i was travelling in the local trains of mumbai .Fortunately it was empty enough to stand and breathe .It was mid afternoon Saturday ,may be that was the reason of fortune.While listening to music,my eyes saw a ad poster on the trains saying 

Baba Bengali Amir Ali Shah 
Saavdhan dus minute mein sabhi samasyaaoh ka samadhaan
jaise bhootpret,jaddo tona,ladki ka chakkar ,Naukri,film,shaadi,dushman se badlaa 
yaa fir prem vivaah
10 ghante mein 101% laabh (My promiss)

Contact Baba Bengali Gold certified 

I was amazed at the talent of this guy,is he a super duper robot who knows everything
or one who is who ulti-multi talented.Magic in ten minutes ,people are mad to struggle so much in life and they study hard to get good work,why not approach this guy .
You like a girl ,even if she is Katrina ,no problem .You can marry her and it is baba's Promiss And tell me what is the certification for ?i heard about Java certified and ISTQB certified .But this guy is Gold certified !!!

Do you think people do not believe in this stuff now ?then you are wrong 
People still believe in mahurats ,they offer milk(which is wasted )to stones .
They still offer flowers on dead people .One of my friend was not keeping well and her granny suggested her to go some religious place and she will get well .She took off from office as she cannot stand due to weakness,but as she thought she would be well after going to some religious place .Her hubby told her ,God is everywhere ..sit at home and pray for your health from here itself.

One of my cousin's father is multi superstitious ,on some define weekdays he light up diyas and pray to that .And everybody at home should be cautious that the  diya should not be blown off.

We are surrounded by such people and we just have to look out what is right and makes sense .
No,no conclusions to this as some how some way i also used to follow many things blindly .


  1. Haha.. We must take an appointment with Baba Bengali :)

  2. hahaha.. so u have noticed Baba Bengali posters hahahhahaha.. there are so many more .. .. washikaran.. santaan prapti ... filmo mei chance ...hahahha
    SRK should be questioned if his success is due to the Grace Baba Bengali !! hahahaha
    very nice one !!
    nice cartoon indeed !!

  3. @jahid ....yeah he must be having that appointments too

  4. @mysay yup.....i noticed it many times and laughed out hard inside .....especially looking at those Gold merit lines