Monday, 22 April 2013

Shop online at Jabong and Save from Coupon rani

Shopping experience at Jabong !

I am a crazy shopaholic ,and whenever i get a chance i go on line too.I did my on line shopping with Jabong,Flipkart,Shopperstop,Myntra etc.Although Jabong is my all time favourite .I loved the way the products are so well designed,pictured and compared .You can sort it according to your choice .Another i love is super speed service ,plus the return policy.I remember once i had ordered a pair of
sandals (however it was loose)so i returned it back after trying .

Below are some of the reasons i would considered Jabong :-
  • Wide range of collection
  • Availability of sizes
  • Availability of colours 
  • Easy return policy 
  • Cash on delivery 

However , i would suggest you guys ,if you are indulging in on line shopping avoid food products,perfumes,stitched salwar kameez.You can go for shoes(but you should know your exact size for that brand).

Now recently, I came across another Coupons offering site on the web. We all lust discounts after all.


  1. Cooperative post which is recitation that coupon and codes are good way to save cash Well Keep in mind that you are looking to save currency not build an income. Thanks for allocation the such practical and codes

  2. Well there are lot of other websites which are offering discount if we buy anything from their :)

  3. Thanks for sharing your personal experience, this is really very nice and helpful. Jabong provide a good quality, branded products and it caters to the fashion needs of men, women and kids.
    jabong promo code

  4. @Jon Rasan Thankyou so much!!

  5. @tina You are absolutely right girl .Also try comparing them ,it will save your pennies too

  6. @raj kumar Welll ,Thankyou for your comments

  7. Using “Coupons” for online shopping is nowadays called as “Smart Shopping”. It helps customers get the best deal for quality products at low prices. It’s a fun way to use the Discount Coupon when buying stuff from that particular brand to save more money and enjoy.

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