Friday, 5 April 2013

Waste water,Earn Sin

So many facts and so many truth .I stayed at mumbai western areas ,where water was always  a problem.Water was available for half an hour every 4 days a week.We use to fill every possible utensils  with water ,so that water can be used for washing clothes or utensils or garden area.Being a middle

class person,sometimes we used to buy water when there is a party at home or guest at home.As we all know Water is the basic need of every man.Washing
clothes,Bathing,Washrooms,Utensils,Cleaning floors,Cooking .We cant imagine life without water ,Can we ?
Now ,I shifted to other part of mumbai where there is loads of water.People use water like Air .For simply washing your feets,you don’t need a bucket of  water ..tell me do you?
Or washing your washed utensils again and again.
Or Keeping your tap open all the time so that your bucket will be full.
Cleaning your floors twice .
My neighbors clean their garden area with water everyday ….water wastage .
Being from  water deprived part of mumbai,Help me  spread the word to the world that water wastage is a sin.Nowadays  there is lots of water shortage going on in parts of Maharashtra.Droughts are causing no harvest which in turn causing curse to our Farmers .I saw poor people struggling to get water for drinking .People are washing their clothes with gutter water .Thirst is making people ill cause for dehydration.Try going without water  for 6 hours and you will know the importance of water .People are deprived of food as there is so much shortage of water .You can indirectly help them just by saving water  at your  Home
Here I go,
Save Water ,Save Life 


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