Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Love for granted

When we take people for granted ,you know we care and smile at people whom we don’t even know .We see strangers or guest and take utmost care of them.We try not humiliating strangers or colleagues or just neighbours .We say sorry even when hurt them by mistake.We talk nicely to people you met in trains .We offer food to train mates .We care so much of people whom we don’t even know.But when it comes to people whom we really love .We take them for granted saying sorry would be the last thing.We shout at them when you don’t like the food .That stain on the clothes would be a big mess for you partner.Mom is not making the same food as before .Your wife keeps on saying for a trip but you ignore.Your  sister brings you new top and instead of saying thank you you say I don’t like the color.

What are we if we are not for the people who care for us?

Monday, 27 May 2013

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My new pump shoes

Thursday, 23 May 2013

WEChat with Harvards

Mark Zuckerberg

Wow Mister Mark ,now you are multi billionaire and young too.How does it feel to have lots of money in such a good span of time.I am sure it must be heavens for you.But have you ever felt guilty of stealing the great idea from your Harvard seniors .Poor they or Poor bastards as you call them.From Harvardconnection.com to Facemash to your finally thefacebook.com.You stole it all,tell me your later friend developed his own dating site or you stole his idea too.Nevertheless,you are chairman and chief executive of Facebook.You won it all ,you won the idea (even though you stole it),You mastered in fooling people and were great in it and then you even won the legal contract .Luck on your side .learning the computer language paid you off really well, you are listed as amongst 100 wealthiest in TIME.Media made a movie on you and you are the inspiration for youngsters (although many does not know your real story ).We shall mark your ideas all the time in my bookmark.

Victor Gao

You know what whenever I searched for you on google ,the results gave me some chinese president.How the hell you replaced the developer from yourself to Mark.You know you could be on his place and had developed the harvardconnections.com .Or may be you could be the developer of the world largest idea launch.How can you be so lazy that you suggested Mark.Let it be ,it was Mark’s destiny.And I guess nobody can steal anybody’s destiny.Thanks for the suggestion guy!!!

Winklevoss Brothers

Cameron Winklevoss and  Tyler Winklevoss-So you people are twins and partners too.Wow brothers loved you idea of harvardconnection.but hate the idea how you trusted Mark.Sometimes ideas does not make you destiny.You guys never understood,even when he kept on delaying you guys.You people should have approached another developer (could have launced harvard connection before thefacebook.com).You waited for him many months .He kept on rejecting you .Tell me ,you did not got a hint when you guys met in a dorm.I know after facebook launch,you guys sued him,but still money pays it all.Anyways ,Guys Congratulations for you ConnectU

Divya Narendra
Hi Divya,first I thought you are a girl .Then the name suggested you are an indian .Although your nationality is American ,your ethinicity is indian and you are a guy.Tell me do you know the whole story as you were late to the dorm in the last meeting with mark .Atleast you should have got the hint that Mark will ditch you end moment.Anyways,Sometimes visit india too we have vast minds with ideas.All the best for your SumZero

Eduardo Saverin

Heyie Eduardo ,which car did you bought today ofcourse before launch !!.You are the rich guy who loves to show off your money.Please visit india too.I thought you would not be listed in co-founders of facebook.But all thanks to your money you got the credit as 5% of Facebook's shares.Tell me whether you or your father was president of the Harvard Investment Association.Anwyays ,Did Mark thanked you enough as you invested in his project right from the start,as you kept showing of your money?And he made good use of that money till the end ,that is so greatttt.Keep investing is early startups ,we need your money honey !!

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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Gone is my tooth !!

When it comes to gum problems ,I am the queen of all tooth problems.Cavities love me and they have their own bungalow in my  tooth insides as well as gums are their rest house.

First time ,I came to know about my tooth ache was when I got up on lazy Sunday and tooth starting aching,Yes the last one which is right inside.Nani asked me to keep rock salt between my teeth's.It help for sometime but later on the attack  was hazardous.As if someone is tickling me with hammer.And then I tried diverting my mind and started watching television.However at night there was bomb explosion in my mouth .I was not able to sleep ,and kept my whole family awake .Mom said try elaichi but it also did not help.Since it was Sunday ,she gave me pain killer ,so I can sleep.
Tooth pain is such a pain which cannot be stopped by applying balms or massaging .You feel like you are under tremors attack and somebody is pulling your tooth.Terrible.
Next day evening,I went to doctor,
She asked me to sit on the automatic chair with light above,she asked me whats the problem and where is the problem ?
Taking a magnifier and hammer like thing,She seems to be opposite party of my attackers .
However,she started playing drums on my tooth, and then I realised pain was more terrible than what I thought.
She said ,she have to check it deeper and injected me and digged inside .
Root Canal is the only solution !
Which canal? Whats that ?

A root canal is a treatment used to repair and save a tooth that is badly decayed or becomes infected. During a root canal procedure, the nerve and pulp are removed and the inside of the tooth is cleaned and sealed. Without treatment, the tissue surrounding the tooth will become infected and abscesses may form.

And I am telling it really bad thing ,happening to you.Dentist did your teeth/tooth and then inject you nearby areas and then with blower like something remove all the pulp and it is painful at times .
And fill cement/silver/gold/platinum as you wish (wow there are types for this too) and finally a cap which is not included in your first bill.However ,nowadays caps cost too much .Silver cap is the cap for lowest rate (but imagine a silver teeth shining in your mouth ).I never knew dentist earn so much from one teeth.Plus they start checking your other teeth's too.With the hammering ,she concluded the cavities are attacking my other tooth  too.I ignored her (money making dentist) .To my surprise she also asked my cousin brother ,Are you smoking? That is the discolouration of your teeth.We do offer colouring and cleaning of teeth.

Now ,I have banned myself from eating eclairs and sticky five stars or anything which can stick in my teeth and result into losing  my sleep and harmony .I do gargle my mouth after meals .

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Everything is prewritten


Everything is prewritten
Your life!
Your death!

Right is what they said !
This is just a journey.

You will never take your wealth.
Not your love.
Not even your name.

They will call you a body.
They will put you inside the earth.
From earth you are made up of.

You will be left alone in your grave.
As you were born alone from the womb.

They will bathe you after you die .
As they bathe you when you were born.

When you were born ,you were crying.
When you die, they will cry.