Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Love for granted

When we take people for granted ,you know we care and smile at people whom we don’t even know .We see strangers or guest and take utmost care of them.We try not humiliating strangers or colleagues or just neighbours .We say sorry even when hurt them by mistake.We talk nicely to people you met in trains .We offer food to train mates .We care so much of people whom we don’t even know.But when it comes to people whom we really love .We take them for granted saying sorry would be the last thing.We shout at them when you don’t like the food .That stain on the clothes would be a big mess for you partner.Mom is not making the same food as before .Your wife keeps on saying for a trip but you ignore.Your  sister brings you new top and instead of saying thank you you say I don’t like the color.

What are we if we are not for the people who care for us?

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  1. very meaningful post. its true to every word.thanks for sharing.