Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Come on Let's Gourmet!

My friends were always yelling at me ,since i got my job,then promotion ,then my engagement fixed,then my Wedding and then my birthdays .They call me a bigger kanjoos all times.So  i thought to give them party for all these altogether .So i wanted to make it special and make it grand too.I thought the ideal place would me my lawn,just behind my house it is quite spacious .The main thing that bothers me about the party is of course the food,People will forgot everything but not the taste buds .So i wanted the best for them and easier for me too.Hence, I choose awesome Masala mixes,Ready to Dine masala and conserves and chutneys from Kitchens of India .Lets start with the Party ideas and dealings 


I love lights ,and now days you get variety of lights and party decorations.I will decorate the garden with some beautiful lighting and candles ,my clothes line in the backyard ,i will decorate it with flowers and colourful ribbons .I have been exploring lighting options to make the look.I will also try to personalise the party by giving them thank you notes with names and description which can be later read on and we can have real fun.

Whats on the plate 

I know my friends are hungry forever,Check out the dishes 

Try that butter chicken with kulcha 

                          Yummy Paneer makhani with naan

               For Mirchi lovers ,go grab that Mirchi ka salan with rice.

I know you cant resist that Hyderabadi Chicken biryani with Raita .

Also try some special Conserves and Chutneys 
Please enjoy that Shredded mango chutney 

Deserts I know your food is not complete without sweet.
Here it is Jodhpuri mooong dal halwa its a rajasthani desert made from moong and simmered milk ,it will give you royal treat after the gourmet meal.Plus it was easy to cook with the help of Kitchens of India Halwa pack

Image courtesy-Google and Kitchens of India


  1. Oh how cool! :D
    First off, can I invite myself to your party? Such awesome dishes! :D I mean, butter chicken and paneer makhani and mirchi ka salan? Come on! you can't just post pictures and make your readers' stomachs rumble :P

    Delicious post! :D

  2. nice. would be fun to be there.
    All the best for the contest.
    Heres my entry: http://www.theappletini.com/2013/06/contest-entry-friends-reunion.html

  3. @Ashna ....my attempt to make you tempted is successful :)
    You are welcome for a gourmet at my place.I make yummy cheese sandiwches :)

  4. @Roshan Thanks !!

    I ll chk your entry too .All the best