Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My visit to Reliance Digital Stores at R-City,mumbai

Reliance Digital Stores

Visiting an electronics stores is always a fun,Fun to check out new technology,new range of products in mobiles,televisions,games,laptops and many more .I went to Reliance Digital Stores at R-City,Mumbai,with my friends .The Reliance Digital Stores was decorated with red and white ballons. It seems a electronic festival on the floor.

The First thing while entering the store you will notice  this Panasonic Full-HD Plasma TV with new materials and a new structure for the plasma display panel along with a complete revamping of circuitry and drive technology.You will also notice video there which will then put you on the television.It was lovely playing around the video to see yourself on the television.

Payment section


You will notice almost all major brands televisions like Samsung,Sony,Philips,Smart with the range between Rs 25000/- to Rs 2,95,000/-.I was delighted to check the Home theatre sytem provided.You can actually go and sit on the sofa which is surrounded by the home theatre system and enjoy the movie or may be the song.It was lovely to queened on the sofa .There is also a room space provided for customers to check out the Home theatre with the base system's S 606 Towers, S 602 satellites and S 60 CEN with a Jamo subwoofer like the SUB 250.There is another  Room space with Air systems ,and you can feel the Home theatre and decide whether you want to buy it or not .

Smart Phones section

Mobile Phones 

Mobiles phones were displayed according to their prices and range of products .I see an apple product was displayed like a king or a rolls royce product.You will notice many new smart phones from Nokia and Samsung .What i liked was we can buy mobile pouches cases,Charges,Adaptors and Screengaurd protectors too.You can buy smart phones with 6 months EMI and Zero Percent Interest .I was checkiing out for I-Phone 5 .Oh god,it always cost so more than my budget .

Mobiles section


Here ,i was so confused to decide which one is the best.Yes,there is a staff assigned to all sections,so they can  explain you and help you to decide which can be the best for you.But Sony Viao ,i loved it they provide those I5 proccesor ,Windows 8,G-Sensor ,Long batter life and plus in my favorite color white .Another options were HP,Dell and Samsung for laptops .
You can also check out Tablets ,try playing Fruit Ninja or Temple Run .My friends did that ,as they were checking out which is the best tablet .We almost tried all the tablets on the display right from Samsung to Apple I pad .My Friend was checking out the computer accessories headsets and headphones .

Me endorsing laptop skins!!


There comes my favorite section cameras.Sales men explained me the different types of cameras like Point and Shoot,Pro-Summer and Mirrorless.I never knew that there were so many lenses for cameras .It was fun taking photographs of my own.I tried checking out by handing the camera to the sales person ,and asking him to click .


We already owned airconditioner at Home.But it never did auto cleaning or provided so jet cool.I know technology is updating every second,but it never provided Monsoon Comfort,it  makes your room fresh in monsoon season and humid weather conditions by eliminating humidity & providing optimum indoor room temperature.

My Friends posing  a chhese smile 

Kitchen Appliances 

My Moms section,i know she love this section .She is in love with Refridgeraors and Ovens and Washing machines.And now new love is Food proccessors,Induction cookers,Rice Cookers and Water purifiers.I saw a lady at Reliance Digital Stores,Checking out almost all the Refridgerators .



This is the favorite section for guys.So for me,My husband(gamer) and the my brother(future gamer) would love this section.I was just glancing at Sony playstation vita with rear touch pad.While it was lovely to see X-Box with built in Wifi.I just enquired at the section as i was not having enough knowledge about it.

After enjoying and peeping out almost all the sections for more than a hour.I went to the manager section to flash my Indiblogger invite !!

This post is exclusively written for Indiblogger presents The Reliance Digital experience

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