Friday, 7 June 2013

Quotes by me

  • "You think you are a lion, but I am a  lamb."

  • "Try some mistake, Now !"

  • "Mannequin always say me “try me” and then “buy me “."

  • "People called me stupid and then they ask for advice ."

  • "What will the politicians do with their money after death, will they buy Hell or Heaven ???" 

  • "There is no one perfect in this universe ,except the universe itself ."

  • "Great people like me does not make small mistakes !"

  • "I said to my manager “you are smart “,and he said to me “You are smarter “."

  • "When you were kid, you have no tooth and When you are Old ,you again have no tooth ,what a coincidence ?"

  • "Let it flow and you go with the flow !"

  • "Never miss a chance to live ."

  • "Laugh upon those criticizers ."


  1. Very well done , all the quotes are very nice although i like this one the most, "People called me stupid and then they ask for advice" people do it a lot , basically they change their preferences and behavior suited to their needs, world is getting more and more selfish unfortunately.

  2. majaal ...yes world is getting cruel day by day !! look at the news and the media follows :)

    thanks for visiting my blog