Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Your security on Whatsapp or Wechat

You are on facebook,you are on twitter .You are on whatsapp and you are on wechat.We are so used to all this networking agents .Yes,we access the setting pages to secure or restrict people.But the question is,are they really secure .

Lets checkout the Phone agents :-

Whatsapp:- Its most confidential contact number with your real image -If any body have your contact number-anybody can add you and view or save your image -Without you knowing about it.Even if you come to know,you can block it .But that person still can see you and save your images .So Take care of your number.One guy added me and started sending me messages like you are beautiful n stuff.I blocked him .But guess what he added me to wechat :( .I blocked him there .I did some research but he is total stranger for me stays far away .and now after rechecking that whatsapp blocked person can see you and save your image .I know i cannot do anything for this .I know our images are everywhere and to be cautious is better and it is with  your contact no.Theses messengers are doing their business and obviously do not care about our security as it free .So different people gave me different advices ....change your number ...change your image to a guy ..change your image to flowers ..But why  should i ??

did anybody faced anything like this ?Tell me what you did ?


  1. WeChat is a Chinese company and not yet in the trusted services list. The Chinese authorities may soon be sneaking out personal information through these social services.

  2. yes thats true .....our personal information is not personal bu free