Tuesday, 30 July 2013

will you prefer me ...i am a Girl

We are born by a women who kept us save 9 months
Our mother feed us when we were just babies
Our Grandmother massages us when we were growing
Our Sister annoy us
Our Teacher teaches us
Our Wife loves us

The Hand that cares!
The Hand that cooks!
The Heart that heals!
The Face that smiles !
The Mind that teaches!
They are all of a girl.

List of (absurd)reasons why they prefer boys:- 

1.Boy will be vansh for our family 
2.Boy will join our family business
3.Boy will bring us more wealth
4.Boys can be easily taken care of 
5.Boys don't need dowry ,so that they cannot crible the family financially

47per cent said they would prefer to have a son first, and most said it was because boys are 'less hard work'.Only 21per cent of the respondents said they would like to have a daughter as their first child, and 32per cent said they had no preference either way.

List of reasons why they do not prefer girls:-
1.Girls would be married off.
2.We have to pay dowry for them.
3.Who will waste money on them?
4.Girls are of no use .

When it’s a boy, their faces are lit with a protective gaze.
But if it’s a girl the grimness is often palpable. And the mothers-in-law plod behind the mother’s gurney, walking unlit hallways scattered with litter.

Even now many gendercides takes place not only in remote villages but also towns and metros.Why this discrimination is ground rooted in the minds of ill minded people?Do they ever know how would have they born,if there were no girl child ?Why do still people ask a pregnant lady ,what do you think it is ?Why do play people do prayers for a boy child?If murder is a crime then what is abortion?We have many women gods in India ?But we still don't want a girl ?In today's world where a girl can be more trusted by their parents rather than their so called boys who leave them alone ?We still consider a boy child .Who will your boy marry ,if there are no girls in the world.Today also,educated people blame a women if she bears a girl child.A doctor who is responsible for saving lives,detects genders so that he can become millionaires with this gender detector games.Some woman's  themselves do not prefer girl child .While other women do not raise their voices when her family announces that the first child should be a Girl . On one side ,our technology is making machines which can save lives while on the other hand our technology is detecting genders so that they can be killed .

Mr Evan Grae Davis is a film maker especially for social causes .Mr Evan was feeling so sorry for the nations which are so responsible for murders of the girl fetus .
He had produced a documentary film its a girl  ,to spread the awareness.You can watch his speech on youtube .

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Thursday, 25 July 2013

My Dream is to fly up high

My Dream is to fly up high
and no matter why 

I will get it all 
whatever i want 
even the journey makes me cry 

I have faith
I have trust 
which will make go and try 

it can be travelling the world 
it can be presenting in front of all

I can hear the applause 
I can hear the call 

I will smile all the time 
As my dream is all mine

I will work hard day and night
So that your share rate comes bright

look i am smiling
look i am frowning 
no matter what
i am trying 

You give me strange look
You give me utter word
You give me competition
and you give me many reasons

My age,My beauty, My Gender 
I never fear 
As I know my Dream is near 

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Mia-Your wish ,your dreams

Sabah was only girl child of their Royal Family.She had cousin brothers who later took care of their family business.Since ,they were rich and royal,there was never a need of a job. Sabah was taken care as a princess in the family.But Sabah wanted to study.His Family granted her first wish ,she was allowed to study.Her IQ level made her win many prizes.He was strong in Economics and thus wanted to go ahead in business.However ,her Family member did not allow her for Career.A beautiful young woman will hang around the office which is male dominated .Sabah had a enchanting angelic beauty which became a barrier in her dreams.Her mom said ,we have everything and why you need a  job?.Nobody  wanted to understand her .She kept nagging .One day her Father announced ,I will allow you for a job in one case and that is you have to wear Veil and go to your Office.She agreed.She cleared an aptitude test and thus came interview round.Interviewer was surprised looking at the Veil clad girl.Initially he took no interest in interviewing her .But she gave a utter confident look with the fluent English. She was offered the highest package for that vacancy.Nothing matter when you want your dreams to come true !!All it matters you and your wish which is As beautiful as you work .

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That moment when your Hubby appreciates your Food

My Hubby keeps complaining all the time about Food.He is fond of great taste .At times, salt is less,salt is more ,less pungent,more pungent,needed more oil,potatoes is must have in this gravy,Red is not looking red ,Where are the coriander leaves?,Squeeze some lemon,gravy is too watery.

So someone rightly said,Life is a vicious circle "What goes around ,comes around ".I was same with my mom.And now my turn .I was a irritating child who keeps complaining about food.My taste buds were hard to impress.And mom is a good cook ,so anytime if something goes wrong with the food ,it was not acceptable by me .Now same thing with me .I am a good cook .I can invent new recipes and that too tasty ones which is also quick healthy meals.Hence my hubby keeps expecting more and more .For one of the chicken green gravy,i gave my all heart to cook the tastiest and yummiest gravy ever.And i did it .My hubby was on the dining table as jury member who will taste and declare the result.It was best moment of the day when i repeatedly kept appreciating my food.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Road trip to Ladakh

I wish life was a holiday and we would enjoy this holiday forever and ever.Road trips are interesting caravan for those enthusiast who love to experience the culture,nature,roads and of course who love the open roads to be their surprising partners .Road trips are surprising ,you don't know what lays ahead ,but you still enjoy the journey.Road trip can be described as exotic,exciting  and unexplored.

I love travelling ,but due to work and daily life ,i have not traveled to my compassion .Till date,i was lucky enough to see parts of Goa,Rajasthan,Jaipur,Bangalore,Chennai,Surat,Devlali,lonavla  .Exploring this parts were good enough to know that India is so full of culture ,full of different people with same hearts .You will explore things like salty water in surat ,Chilly ice cream in Surat,Mysore pak in Chennai ,Lovely nature in lonavla as well as Devlali ,Swimsuits commoners in Goa,Tiger prawns in Goa,Big staring eyes in Bangalore,Lovely history and architecture of the pink City,Exotic and clean beaches in Chennai .People talk about world tours,i haven't completed my India tour yet.Although there Tour Packages available

So Planning for a road trip,I love to road trip Mumbai to Ladakh

Ladakh is the land of barren meaningful beauty ,you will surely experience enchanting beauty which is beyond your imagination.Ladakh is the kaleidoscopes of the nature extremes.The cool blue lakes which is crystal clear,the peak mountains,the snow,the zig zag roads ,the sprawling valleys and lush green vegetation.

My Car for the trip 

I choose Mahindra XUV 500 for the road trip,as suggested by my hubby.Lets see what are the features in this car which can utilised in the road trip

1.Anitlock Braking system 
2.Hill hold control -It prevents the car from rolling backwards when you travelling on inclined road 
3.Hill Descent control-It identifies steeps and assist the vehicle to go with caution
4.Suspension-Its great suspension which will help us for sporty and excellent ride 
5.Dual tone interiors-So it is spacious enough to comfort the group
6.Disc brakes on all four wheels

My Companions 

1. My Hubby (we need a good driver so that we can move in those broken roads and steepy valleys)
2.My Freind Abhie(we always love humour for this exciting journey)
3.My Freind Teddy(The photographer) it would be awesome to do photo shoot with my husband in the lanes of ladakh ,Thanks Teddy
4.My Freind Aisha (Lovely companion again,we can do all crazy things which girls do)
5.My Freind Ranjit (Good man or Bad man ,his toned body and muscles will show you that),we need body guard!!

And Of course me ,I am a good cook :)

The Route 

I tried researching the route of road trip from Mumbai to ladakh,people generally go from delhi to ladakh,which is of course the easier one .We will try the new one 

Day 1: Mumbai to Abu Road (720 KM) Leave by 3.00 AM so that we could reach the destination by 5.00 PM. In the evening check out places around the hotel.These are just estimations ,everything depends on weather conditions too

Day 2: Abu Road to Bikaner (514 KM)
Leave the hotel by 5.00 am and reach by 2.00 PM. Have lunch and visit places around Bikaner.Shop Bikaner sweets 

Day 3: Bikaner to Amritsar (520 KM)
Leave the hotel by 8.00 am and reach by 7.00 PM. 

Day 4: Amritsar
Visit Golden Temple, Jallianwalla Baug and Wagah Border
(This day can be skipped)

Day 5: Amritsar to Srinagar (500 KM)
Leave hotel by 5.00 AM and reach by 9.00 PM. Note that the traffic between Jammu and Srinagar is always bad.

Day 6: Srinagar to Pahalgam and back
Visit Pahalgam and local site seeing
(This day can be skipped)

Day 7: Srinagar to Kargil (210 KM)
Part of roads are bad.

Day 8: Kargil to Leh (235 KM)
Will have to leave the hotel early. The roads are bad in some patches hence this day would quite hectic.As googled this one 

Day 9: Leh
Local site seeing

Day 10: Leh to Nubra Valley (125 KM)
Visit Khardung - la – pass, Diskit Monastery

Day 11: Nubra Valley to Wari La/ Leh
Visit the Sand Dunes to enjoy a camel safari

Day 12: Wari La/Leh to Pangong 

Day 13: Pangong to Hanle (Pangong - Loma - Nyoma – Korzok - Hanle)

The Destination 

Ladakh,the land of buddhist monasteries and the snow clad mountains .It will be really exciting to see the breath taking beauty by your naked eyes .I loved it on Television when i saw Three Idiots 

Pangong Lake- 60% of the lake falls under China,So we have only 40% which also seems so large in India .I would love to take a dip but people said you cant ,you would shivering with cold even if you wanna pee .So i would take lots of scenic photographs.

Tso Moriri-Nice name dude,so its a lake again but saline one

Zanskar Valley-I remember reading "The monk who loved his Ferrari" where monks lived in the isolated places.Zanskar valley sounds like that 

Magnetic Hill-So from here all magnets comes from,Just kidding .The hill can pull any vehicle up its steep slope with the ignition of the vehicle off. 

Shanti Stupa-I don't know how Japanese named it Shanti ,yes it was build by Japanese.The sunrise and sunset are worth-seeing from this Stupa. 

Khardung La-At a height of 18,380 ft. Khardung La pass is the highest motorable road in the world. The pass lies on the trail from Leh to Nubra valley. 

There are monastries like Shey,Diskit,Hemis and Thiksiy etc.Other things you can do is Camel rides,Yak safari,snow leopard sighting,sking and paragliding etc . 

Tips and suggestions by people who travelled there :-

1.Carry Oxygen bag
2.Carry all types of medicines
3.Carry lots of food
4.Cover your head and ears with something warm when it is cold and windy
5.Keep sipping water regularly, preferably warm. Keep in flasks, or stops at roadside eateries to request them to warm it for you. 
6.Only BSNL networks there 

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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

love quotes by me

look from my eyes ,you will see where my world belongs !!

Trust love one time

Have enough courage to trust love one time and always one more time
love will then love you all time
and it will come ton you all time
love will love you whenever

wherever you want
love will find you whereever you are 
And i m sure it is never so far 
it will bring you happiness apar
you will see love in the stars

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

i know its too girly

I know its too girly,but whenever my hubby discusses about this "men will be men "stuffs like cars,gadgets,mobiles,great people,common sense,great sense ,petrol,diesel,CNG ,Hookah.

I was thinking what will i do when i win a lottery or get lots of money :).I will bewildered on those lovely shoes ,wedges with pumps,Stilettos.I would love to hang on those sling bags in many colours .Oh that fur hand purse will look awesome in my hands .I would definitely go to those high five parlours to clean up my skin .Get my ammonia free hair colours,with different hair styles.Buying branded and awesome clothes would be any day for me .Looking beauty and sweety would be daily routine for me .Lovely diamond watches on my hand with those diamond rings and bracelets of course.My wardrobe would be full of colours .I will divide my wardrobe into two,one will own by all Indian dresses and other all western ones .Buying plumpy colours of lipsticks,lip glosses,lip shines ,lip sticks would be a lolly pop for me .Plunging on eye makeup ,i would buy all kind of mascaras ,kajals,eyeliners,eyebrow pencils .I can buy whatever i like without bargains too.Accessories ,i think i will need a separate drawer for that too.Night dresses ,i would love to see myself in those cotton night dresses which looks like very costly for me right now,oh common .Gold chains ,i would love to buy in plenty .I think i should buy wallets too,there are variety of colourful girly wallets available for girls .I usually don't wear those T shapes tshirts,but i will buy at least two to try on me .Jackets ,i love them .I wish they have launched some girly easy to drive car which is pink in colour or may be orange ,i would have bought that too .Scooty leads to skin tan or pimples .Glares ,all shapes rounds,squares ,oval,aviator,wayfarers  and cat ones,i think i should have this collection too,what say ?.Coloured jeans are in so fashion ,so all colours even the printed ones . I know its not easy to be a girl ,so many things to think about .Even a pimple or a nail chip can hurt us a lot :)

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Welcome Ramadan

Ramadan is the ninth month of Islamic calendar,we wait for this beautiful month .In this month,Muslims all over the world observes fasting (roza).Roza is obligatory for a adult Muslim ,except for except those who are ill, travelling, pregnant,diabetic or going through menstrual bleeding.According to Islam, during this month we should also offer namaz and recitation of holy book (that is Quran) .We do our sehri (before sunrise) and then break our fast at iftaar(after sunrise).This is followed all over the world .In Islam,it compulsory to offer zakat (charity) for who are able to do it . A Fixed percentage is required to be given to the poor of the person's savings.Lots of food and clothing are offered to poor all over the world .From my childhood days ,we are taught that zakat (charity) is very important.What goes around comes around .So keep helping poor and needy ones .Help them however you can.So ramadan is the month ,where we humans try to refrain ourselves from food(it helps us to understand the hunger and thus we know how poor people suffers from),Thirst (its helps us to know the importance of water and self controlling our body ) etc.However we will have more endurance physically and mentally too.so welcoming ramadan with a big heart !! 

When you say nothing at all

You are smiling 
your eyes are speaking 
and still you say nothing at all !!

you are speaking right to my heart 
heart from heart!
but you say nothing at all

your face is glowing 
your hands are showing 
but you say nothing at all

everywhere there is a noise 
noise of people!
noise of birds !
noise of rains !
And you say nothing at all

Without saying a word 
you say it all 
When you say nothing at all

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Friday, 5 July 2013

i dont know why

I don't know why 

at times i am devil 
at times i am angel

look i am smiling 
now my eyebrows are high

oh i am down
looking at the crown 

all of sudden i become professional
and there i become so casual

i feel like shouting
i feel like laughing

i don't know why 
why i become so selfish
and then become helpful

Are they two sides of a coin
i don't know why 

A book in every child's hand

My mom is a teacher and makes it a point to explain people about the power of education.She never leaves a chance to tutor poor children for free.For her getting educated is important in life.Education is a food which every child needs it to grow.
It was initially really hard to explain our maid ,who have two daughters,that they need school.My mom gave them some old books with cartoons and that is where it all started .Now ,one of them going to complete her SSC .And now When you at look them,their presence and their manners will never say you that they live in slums.You can only say that they are educated.Education help a child to become good human being .

Lets start with the video Idea Caravan , Ms.Rohini nilekani ,very well started with her own experience as a child reading those story books of Noddy.We all, at some time went into imaginary lands thinking of ourselves as heroes or  princess or some good character or some may also imagine themselves as villains .I do remember reading Chacha chaudary ,Tinkle digest ,supandi etc.
Many decades later,Rohini realised the importance of book for every childhood ?Her focus was that every child in india needs a book.A book to nurture ,a book to care, a book to express and book to feel good in their world.
Rohini is involved in non profit sector ,Pratam.Pratham is the network which will helps thousands of children  how to read.However ,Pratham realized that these children have very little basic amenities to read.They learnt to read ,but they never have books to practise reading.School text books (are at times so boring to read).Have you ever loved reading those text books ,for fun.No, i guess.To encourage reading and learning ,there should be some colorful and children attracting story lines books to read.

You know what in a diversified country like India,there are large number of books produced in only two languages like English or hindi?Will it help children who do not know these languages ?Should be they deprived of creative stories to brush up their minds ?

Hence Pratham Books were setup in January 2007 with the Bold vision "A book in every child's hand".
Pratham books made it a point to create best possible content with the highest quality and attractive prices.
One of the book such as cards which is like flipping cards with the stories, costing as low as Rs 2.Now ,since the vision was to reach out to the childrens allover.The main target was to reach to the remote villages ,they started selling books through village papad wallas or Fair and lovely sanchaks (who usually sells their products in the remotes of villages ).Imagine,those lovely village children reading or flipping through books in their fields .Considering  Languages of India,Pratham books produced books in many languages .
Currently,as the research numbers shows,India have 50% of books available in Hindi and English only.However there are about 300 million children and 80,000 books .We have lot of different languages its about 151 languages ,so the number of books goes down again.

I must say Pratham books had great vision to book the  children.Reading can really give wings to children imagination and also help them to nurture their childhood.Children love sharing ,they share their food and they share toys .Eventually they can share their books too.Pratham books is giving out lots of options ,you can print their on lines books and share wherever you think is the need.The prices of these awesome and lovely story books are very low .You know what we see street children almost everywhere ,there are about 20 million children who cannot owe a book ,just because it is not affordable or not reachable to them.

After watching this video below are some of the points which came up in my mind :-

1.I will never sell old books of my little cousins,instead i will share it to somebody who         can read it .
2.I can but some flip books and share it with poor children
3.Whenever i go to village ,i will carry some story books to share .
4.Every child needs a hero in the story .
5.Every child needs imagination world through a story .

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Monday, 1 July 2013

Kashimira Dhaba at Bhivandi road

Me and my husband ,we both are total foodie person.We are always in search for good tasty food almost everywhere in town.As soon as ,we hear that "this is the specialty of this restaurant or you must try that in that restaurant" .Our nose goes up and eyes roll down .From many days ,he was chirping about the delicacies of the Famous Kashimira dhaba at Bhiwandi Highway.Before this i had never tried dhaba food.We planned a night out with the whole Family and started with the dhaba journey.

Since it was raining ,there was traffic on the highway,we were tired and hungry too sitting .We reached to the insights of the highway,where one can hardly find street lights .The dhaba was quite inside,we saw lots of car parking outside dhaba.We parked our car.I was so surprised to see about 100 of families there ,no they were not travelling there.They had just come to eat the ever taste of this dhaba.I cant believe the space was so very spacious and full.Ambience was quite good.It was divided into three equally large spaces.One covered families,other drinks and may be the third one was one space for Truck drivers.

We ordered Chana garlic Fry ,you wont believe,i had never tasted such a taste awaken food starters ever in my life.It was simple thing made in different way and the dhaba effect .Of course ,it was prepared in butter.So high cholesterol,but it was worth the trip.We are almost tempted with this thing.We ordered Chicken lamba (1/2 Kg) and Chicken Angara(1/2 Kg).Here we get starters KG wise .Also you get the Kalejis too.Chicken starters came large in number and we all pounced on it like a hungry tigers .Lots of rain outside and breeze from mountains was add ins .Such different and awesome taste ,you cannot get it anywhere in town .Lastly we ordered Malai kheer (another yummy desert ) and lastly Dhaba Chai is must for me and my father in law.