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A book in every child's hand

My mom is a teacher and makes it a point to explain people about the power of education.She never leaves a chance to tutor poor children for free.For her getting educated is important in life.Education is a food which every child needs it to grow.
It was initially really hard to explain our maid ,who have two daughters,that they need school.My mom gave them some old books with cartoons and that is where it all started .Now ,one of them going to complete her SSC .And now When you at look them,their presence and their manners will never say you that they live in slums.You can only say that they are educated.Education help a child to become good human being .

Lets start with the video Idea Caravan , Ms.Rohini nilekani ,very well started with her own experience as a child reading those story books of Noddy.We all, at some time went into imaginary lands thinking of ourselves as heroes or  princess or some good character or some may also imagine themselves as villains .I do remember reading Chacha chaudary ,Tinkle digest ,supandi etc.
Many decades later,Rohini realised the importance of book for every childhood ?Her focus was that every child in india needs a book.A book to nurture ,a book to care, a book to express and book to feel good in their world.
Rohini is involved in non profit sector ,Pratam.Pratham is the network which will helps thousands of children  how to read.However ,Pratham realized that these children have very little basic amenities to read.They learnt to read ,but they never have books to practise reading.School text books (are at times so boring to read).Have you ever loved reading those text books ,for fun.No, i guess.To encourage reading and learning ,there should be some colorful and children attracting story lines books to read.

You know what in a diversified country like India,there are large number of books produced in only two languages like English or hindi?Will it help children who do not know these languages ?Should be they deprived of creative stories to brush up their minds ?

Hence Pratham Books were setup in January 2007 with the Bold vision "A book in every child's hand".
Pratham books made it a point to create best possible content with the highest quality and attractive prices.
One of the book such as cards which is like flipping cards with the stories, costing as low as Rs 2.Now ,since the vision was to reach out to the childrens allover.The main target was to reach to the remote villages ,they started selling books through village papad wallas or Fair and lovely sanchaks (who usually sells their products in the remotes of villages ).Imagine,those lovely village children reading or flipping through books in their fields .Considering  Languages of India,Pratham books produced books in many languages .
Currently,as the research numbers shows,India have 50% of books available in Hindi and English only.However there are about 300 million children and 80,000 books .We have lot of different languages its about 151 languages ,so the number of books goes down again.

I must say Pratham books had great vision to book the  children.Reading can really give wings to children imagination and also help them to nurture their childhood.Children love sharing ,they share their food and they share toys .Eventually they can share their books too.Pratham books is giving out lots of options ,you can print their on lines books and share wherever you think is the need.The prices of these awesome and lovely story books are very low .You know what we see street children almost everywhere ,there are about 20 million children who cannot owe a book ,just because it is not affordable or not reachable to them.

After watching this video below are some of the points which came up in my mind :-

1.I will never sell old books of my little cousins,instead i will share it to somebody who         can read it .
2.I can but some flip books and share it with poor children
3.Whenever i go to village ,i will carry some story books to share .
4.Every child needs a hero in the story .
5.Every child needs imagination world through a story .

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