Wednesday, 10 July 2013

i know its too girly

I know its too girly,but whenever my hubby discusses about this "men will be men "stuffs like cars,gadgets,mobiles,great people,common sense,great sense ,petrol,diesel,CNG ,Hookah.

I was thinking what will i do when i win a lottery or get lots of money :).I will bewildered on those lovely shoes ,wedges with pumps,Stilettos.I would love to hang on those sling bags in many colours .Oh that fur hand purse will look awesome in my hands .I would definitely go to those high five parlours to clean up my skin .Get my ammonia free hair colours,with different hair styles.Buying branded and awesome clothes would be any day for me .Looking beauty and sweety would be daily routine for me .Lovely diamond watches on my hand with those diamond rings and bracelets of course.My wardrobe would be full of colours .I will divide my wardrobe into two,one will own by all Indian dresses and other all western ones .Buying plumpy colours of lipsticks,lip glosses,lip shines ,lip sticks would be a lolly pop for me .Plunging on eye makeup ,i would buy all kind of mascaras ,kajals,eyeliners,eyebrow pencils .I can buy whatever i like without bargains too.Accessories ,i think i will need a separate drawer for that too.Night dresses ,i would love to see myself in those cotton night dresses which looks like very costly for me right now,oh common .Gold chains ,i would love to buy in plenty .I think i should buy wallets too,there are variety of colourful girly wallets available for girls .I usually don't wear those T shapes tshirts,but i will buy at least two to try on me .Jackets ,i love them .I wish they have launched some girly easy to drive car which is pink in colour or may be orange ,i would have bought that too .Scooty leads to skin tan or pimples .Glares ,all shapes rounds,squares ,oval,aviator,wayfarers  and cat ones,i think i should have this collection too,what say ?.Coloured jeans are in so fashion ,so all colours even the printed ones . I know its not easy to be a girl ,so many things to think about .Even a pimple or a nail chip can hurt us a lot :)

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