Monday, 1 July 2013

Kashimira Dhaba at Bhivandi road

Me and my husband ,we both are total foodie person.We are always in search for good tasty food almost everywhere in town.As soon as ,we hear that "this is the specialty of this restaurant or you must try that in that restaurant" .Our nose goes up and eyes roll down .From many days ,he was chirping about the delicacies of the Famous Kashimira dhaba at Bhiwandi Highway.Before this i had never tried dhaba food.We planned a night out with the whole Family and started with the dhaba journey.

Since it was raining ,there was traffic on the highway,we were tired and hungry too sitting .We reached to the insights of the highway,where one can hardly find street lights .The dhaba was quite inside,we saw lots of car parking outside dhaba.We parked our car.I was so surprised to see about 100 of families there ,no they were not travelling there.They had just come to eat the ever taste of this dhaba.I cant believe the space was so very spacious and full.Ambience was quite good.It was divided into three equally large spaces.One covered families,other drinks and may be the third one was one space for Truck drivers.

We ordered Chana garlic Fry ,you wont believe,i had never tasted such a taste awaken food starters ever in my life.It was simple thing made in different way and the dhaba effect .Of course ,it was prepared in butter.So high cholesterol,but it was worth the trip.We are almost tempted with this thing.We ordered Chicken lamba (1/2 Kg) and Chicken Angara(1/2 Kg).Here we get starters KG wise .Also you get the Kalejis too.Chicken starters came large in number and we all pounced on it like a hungry tigers .Lots of rain outside and breeze from mountains was add ins .Such different and awesome taste ,you cannot get it anywhere in town .Lastly we ordered Malai kheer (another yummy desert ) and lastly Dhaba Chai is must for me and my father in law.

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