Thursday, 25 July 2013

Mia-Your wish ,your dreams

Sabah was only girl child of their Royal Family.She had cousin brothers who later took care of their family business.Since ,they were rich and royal,there was never a need of a job. Sabah was taken care as a princess in the family.But Sabah wanted to study.His Family granted her first wish ,she was allowed to study.Her IQ level made her win many prizes.He was strong in Economics and thus wanted to go ahead in business.However ,her Family member did not allow her for Career.A beautiful young woman will hang around the office which is male dominated .Sabah had a enchanting angelic beauty which became a barrier in her dreams.Her mom said ,we have everything and why you need a  job?.Nobody  wanted to understand her .She kept nagging .One day her Father announced ,I will allow you for a job in one case and that is you have to wear Veil and go to your Office.She agreed.She cleared an aptitude test and thus came interview round.Interviewer was surprised looking at the Veil clad girl.Initially he took no interest in interviewing her .But she gave a utter confident look with the fluent English. She was offered the highest package for that vacancy.Nothing matter when you want your dreams to come true !!All it matters you and your wish which is As beautiful as you work .

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