Thursday, 25 July 2013

My Dream is to fly up high

My Dream is to fly up high
and no matter why 

I will get it all 
whatever i want 
even the journey makes me cry 

I have faith
I have trust 
which will make go and try 

it can be travelling the world 
it can be presenting in front of all

I can hear the applause 
I can hear the call 

I will smile all the time 
As my dream is all mine

I will work hard day and night
So that your share rate comes bright

look i am smiling
look i am frowning 
no matter what
i am trying 

You give me strange look
You give me utter word
You give me competition
and you give me many reasons

My age,My beauty, My Gender 
I never fear 
As I know my Dream is near 

This post is exclusively written for Mia and WomensWeb