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Road trip to Ladakh

I wish life was a holiday and we would enjoy this holiday forever and ever.Road trips are interesting caravan for those enthusiast who love to experience the culture,nature,roads and of course who love the open roads to be their surprising partners .Road trips are surprising ,you don't know what lays ahead ,but you still enjoy the journey.Road trip can be described as exotic,exciting  and unexplored.

I love travelling ,but due to work and daily life ,i have not traveled to my compassion .Till date,i was lucky enough to see parts of Goa,Rajasthan,Jaipur,Bangalore,Chennai,Surat,Devlali,lonavla  .Exploring this parts were good enough to know that India is so full of culture ,full of different people with same hearts .You will explore things like salty water in surat ,Chilly ice cream in Surat,Mysore pak in Chennai ,Lovely nature in lonavla as well as Devlali ,Swimsuits commoners in Goa,Tiger prawns in Goa,Big staring eyes in Bangalore,Lovely history and architecture of the pink City,Exotic and clean beaches in Chennai .People talk about world tours,i haven't completed my India tour yet.Although there Tour Packages available

So Planning for a road trip,I love to road trip Mumbai to Ladakh

Ladakh is the land of barren meaningful beauty ,you will surely experience enchanting beauty which is beyond your imagination.Ladakh is the kaleidoscopes of the nature extremes.The cool blue lakes which is crystal clear,the peak mountains,the snow,the zig zag roads ,the sprawling valleys and lush green vegetation.

My Car for the trip 

I choose Mahindra XUV 500 for the road trip,as suggested by my hubby.Lets see what are the features in this car which can utilised in the road trip

1.Anitlock Braking system 
2.Hill hold control -It prevents the car from rolling backwards when you travelling on inclined road 
3.Hill Descent control-It identifies steeps and assist the vehicle to go with caution
4.Suspension-Its great suspension which will help us for sporty and excellent ride 
5.Dual tone interiors-So it is spacious enough to comfort the group
6.Disc brakes on all four wheels

My Companions 

1. My Hubby (we need a good driver so that we can move in those broken roads and steepy valleys)
2.My Freind Abhie(we always love humour for this exciting journey)
3.My Freind Teddy(The photographer) it would be awesome to do photo shoot with my husband in the lanes of ladakh ,Thanks Teddy
4.My Freind Aisha (Lovely companion again,we can do all crazy things which girls do)
5.My Freind Ranjit (Good man or Bad man ,his toned body and muscles will show you that),we need body guard!!

And Of course me ,I am a good cook :)

The Route 

I tried researching the route of road trip from Mumbai to ladakh,people generally go from delhi to ladakh,which is of course the easier one .We will try the new one 

Day 1: Mumbai to Abu Road (720 KM) Leave by 3.00 AM so that we could reach the destination by 5.00 PM. In the evening check out places around the hotel.These are just estimations ,everything depends on weather conditions too

Day 2: Abu Road to Bikaner (514 KM)
Leave the hotel by 5.00 am and reach by 2.00 PM. Have lunch and visit places around Bikaner.Shop Bikaner sweets 

Day 3: Bikaner to Amritsar (520 KM)
Leave the hotel by 8.00 am and reach by 7.00 PM. 

Day 4: Amritsar
Visit Golden Temple, Jallianwalla Baug and Wagah Border
(This day can be skipped)

Day 5: Amritsar to Srinagar (500 KM)
Leave hotel by 5.00 AM and reach by 9.00 PM. Note that the traffic between Jammu and Srinagar is always bad.

Day 6: Srinagar to Pahalgam and back
Visit Pahalgam and local site seeing
(This day can be skipped)

Day 7: Srinagar to Kargil (210 KM)
Part of roads are bad.

Day 8: Kargil to Leh (235 KM)
Will have to leave the hotel early. The roads are bad in some patches hence this day would quite hectic.As googled this one 

Day 9: Leh
Local site seeing

Day 10: Leh to Nubra Valley (125 KM)
Visit Khardung - la – pass, Diskit Monastery

Day 11: Nubra Valley to Wari La/ Leh
Visit the Sand Dunes to enjoy a camel safari

Day 12: Wari La/Leh to Pangong 

Day 13: Pangong to Hanle (Pangong - Loma - Nyoma – Korzok - Hanle)

The Destination 

Ladakh,the land of buddhist monasteries and the snow clad mountains .It will be really exciting to see the breath taking beauty by your naked eyes .I loved it on Television when i saw Three Idiots 

Pangong Lake- 60% of the lake falls under China,So we have only 40% which also seems so large in India .I would love to take a dip but people said you cant ,you would shivering with cold even if you wanna pee .So i would take lots of scenic photographs.

Tso Moriri-Nice name dude,so its a lake again but saline one

Zanskar Valley-I remember reading "The monk who loved his Ferrari" where monks lived in the isolated places.Zanskar valley sounds like that 

Magnetic Hill-So from here all magnets comes from,Just kidding .The hill can pull any vehicle up its steep slope with the ignition of the vehicle off. 

Shanti Stupa-I don't know how Japanese named it Shanti ,yes it was build by Japanese.The sunrise and sunset are worth-seeing from this Stupa. 

Khardung La-At a height of 18,380 ft. Khardung La pass is the highest motorable road in the world. The pass lies on the trail from Leh to Nubra valley. 

There are monastries like Shey,Diskit,Hemis and Thiksiy etc.Other things you can do is Camel rides,Yak safari,snow leopard sighting,sking and paragliding etc . 

Tips and suggestions by people who travelled there :-

1.Carry Oxygen bag
2.Carry all types of medicines
3.Carry lots of food
4.Cover your head and ears with something warm when it is cold and windy
5.Keep sipping water regularly, preferably warm. Keep in flasks, or stops at roadside eateries to request them to warm it for you. 
6.Only BSNL networks there 

This post is exclusively written for Indiblogger presents Ambipur "The Perfect Road trip"

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