Thursday, 25 July 2013

That moment when your Hubby appreciates your Food

My Hubby keeps complaining all the time about Food.He is fond of great taste .At times, salt is less,salt is more ,less pungent,more pungent,needed more oil,potatoes is must have in this gravy,Red is not looking red ,Where are the coriander leaves?,Squeeze some lemon,gravy is too watery.

So someone rightly said,Life is a vicious circle "What goes around ,comes around ".I was same with my mom.And now my turn .I was a irritating child who keeps complaining about food.My taste buds were hard to impress.And mom is a good cook ,so anytime if something goes wrong with the food ,it was not acceptable by me .Now same thing with me .I am a good cook .I can invent new recipes and that too tasty ones which is also quick healthy meals.Hence my hubby keeps expecting more and more .For one of the chicken green gravy,i gave my all heart to cook the tastiest and yummiest gravy ever.And i did it .My hubby was on the dining table as jury member who will taste and declare the result.It was best moment of the day when i repeatedly kept appreciating my food.

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  1. Home Food is the most healthiest because you can never have too much of it :P , jokes apart, nothing compared to Home Food